Statement of Purpose:
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a concept in which the disagreeing parties come to an agreement by way short of litigation. ADR provides disputed parties a chance to solve the issues in a more cost-effective manner and with increased efficacy. It is a peaceful way of resolving disputes as they are more private, economically feasible and efficient. In addition to this, it helps in reducing the burden on courts also. The Judiciary in India is under great stress as there is tremendously huge pendency of cases in courts. Thus more cases leads to increased consumption of precious time. Also, the delay which is sometimes deliberate caused by the lawyers is a big hurdle in getting justice. So, the solutions provided by various methods of ADR can be helpful, and instead of going to court the case may be solved there itself. This may decrease unnecessary litigation without denying everyone their rights and chance of fair trial. If there is less litigation, court and parties both can save its time. I want to join this society to know more about ADR and spread knowledge across people. It will also give me a chance to meet various experienced people in this field and help me look closely to it success and failures, which will in turn help us in making better schemes.