Statement of Belief

It has been such a long time since I have had to visit these thoughts. I am glad to be taking this class. It will allow me to get back to become one with my spirituality once more. I solidly believe that there is a God. God created heaven and earth. I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer certainly changes things. I want to be able to be a better person in all aspects in my life. I very frequently have to refer to the instruction manual, but it is a lesson well learned. I believe that everyone needs to be a steward of the earth and of each other. We all need to heed Godís word and practice it everyday that we are on this earth. Who would not want to have everlasting life that is promised for obedience to his word?

My mother has skin cancer and she is doing very well on her medication. I thank God everyday for giving Man the intelligence to be able to come up with medicines to help her condition. I also thank God in prayers for keeping my Mother close to him and for blessing her to be able to cope with her struggles of her disease. Humans may have created the medicine, but I know that it was Godís will for humans to have intelligence.

When I give my time to help someone who may be lost or confused about something, I am giving back to that which has allowed me to learn. I have struggles that I have overcome in life. And I think that without God, I would not have overcome those obstacles. Soon after being born, the doctors found that my blood type and my motherís blood type did not match. My body started rejecting my blood and I was in need of a blood transfusion. My father was not at the hospital at this time and I received a transfusion from a Shriner. I did not have any complications after the transfusion. While I was young, my mom and dad were divorced. Even though I can not remember how it impacted me at the time, I can remember feeling like things were better after the divorce.

After joining the Marine Corps one week after graduating from high school, another set of struggles ensued. I have always had a feeling of pity for people who seemed to be down on their luck. In basic training, I witnessed much humiliation and degradation that was unheard of to me. Sure, I watched the movies and had my own perceived thoughts about becoming a Marine. Things have since changed and the humiliation has been minimized, but the making of someone who is fighting for God, country, and Corps does not require someone to feel less than human. The struggle was watching people be humiliated, not the training that was involved.

In 1993, I moved from active duty to a reservist on active duty which allowed me to go to major cities such as Raleigh, Baltimore, or New York. I choose Raleigh to stay close to home since my mother was sick with cancer at the time. After arriving to my new job in Raleigh, I was treated with total disregard. I was constantly humiliated and harassed for a reason that still eludes me to this day. I worked along side another Marine who was treated with respect and praised for anything that he may have done. I had several additional responsibilities whereas my counterpart did not have any.

Two years later, we had a major inspection of personnel records, computer security, and classified documents. My responsibilities included all of the previously mentioned areas and my associate only had personnel records. During the inspection, I was approached by my associate as to why several documents that pertained to money were reported late. I was shocked about the questioning because reporting any financial transactions were his responsibility. Our boss took us outside and confronted my associate after 2 two years about his performance. He apologized to me for treating me the way that he had and said that he was wrong for thinking that I was the one not doing