BY. Dean Devlin
Roland Emmerich

Report by Adam Smith

The action begins in Egypt in 1928 when archeologists find a

strange object buried in the dessert. The object was not made of any

minerals found on earth. The story then shifts to the present when Dr.

Jackson, an expert on ancient Egypt language, was hired by the U.S.

government to examine the artifact. His job is to determine the purpose of

the artifact, now called the stargate. The gate is moved to an abandoned

missile silo three days after he has been working. Over the next few days

he discovers that the stargate was used to travel across space to another

planet in a distant galaxy. After Dr. Jackson translated the final code that

makes it work, a team headed by Colonel OíNeil is sent through the gate

to explore the planet. Dr. Jackson accompanies the team to be in charge

of the translation of the code of the other gate so the team can get back to

earth. When the team arrives they are surprised to find a human civilization

speaking an unknown language. The team is welcomed to their city. While

some team members, including Dr. Jackson, goes to the city half the

team stays at the gate. That night an alien space ship arrives at the gate

and captures the rest of the team. While Dr. Jackson is at the city he

discovers that the people on this planet were originally from earth. They

were brought here to mine minerals for the alien. Earth had rebelled

against the aliens many years before and had buried the earth stargate.

The main characters are Dr. Jackson and Colonel OíNeil who must find a

way to defeat the alien and give the planet inhabitants their freedom.

Dr. Jackson is a very knowledgeable person with a great sense of

responsibility to take on the trip because he will need to turn on the other

gate so he and the team can return to earth. He is sensitive to others and

it shows in the way he cares about the planetís inhabitants. He is also

very curious about the inhabitants and their history.

Colonel OíNeil is a well known professional soldier who takes

control in difficult situations. For example is when the aliens were attacking

the peasants, he and his men took control and defeated the alien troops.

Before he was selected to go on the trip he had thoughts of killing

himself. He had lost him self in sorrow over the death of his son and no

longer cared for anyone. During the time on the planet he changes and

begins to care for others again.

Both the main characters realize that they must defeat the alien to

preserve both earth and the new planet. Each of them uses their individual

strengths to overcome the alien.

To create a believable science fiction adventure the author includes the

human elements of conflict, love, sensitivity, and freedom. The author uses

many action sequences to keep the reader involved in the adventure. I believe

the authorís main message is to illustrate how important freedom is to us and how

easily it can be taken away by someone (the alien). The alien didnít allow

writing so the peasants wouldnít be able to learn of their past and have an

uprising. This leads me to believe that this alien was very intelligent, but

needed to create the appearance of a god to the peasants to keep them in

fear and obedient to his needs.

The author wrote the story in 3rd person.

I thought the ending was good because the team got to go home

after all the fighting and time away from earth.. When I read the book the

message that got to me was that there could be ways of traveling to

other planets and meeting new civilizations. I also gained an appreciation

for the value of freedom and how easily it can be taken away. I would

recommend this story to others because who knows this could happen.



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