Star Wars vs. Star Trek

I have read so many different comments in the past that highlighted the cult following that both of these space series have, that I felt I really needed to cast my spin on it.

Throughout the past 20 plus years, two science fiction cult classics have tried and failed on several occasions to out do each other on the big screen and television series. They both have followings of loyal fans that rival any sports team in America. You name it and both have it from lunch boxes, to t-shirts, masks, bed sheets, and oh yes, figurines!

Star Wars and Star Trek share many similarities, both are science fiction movies but only to occasional watchers, to the dedicated fan this is where it stops. Star Wars and Star Trek are arguably different. They are both stunning examples of
modern science fiction but, are not the same. Star Trek and Star Wars each posse different general concepts and motives.

First of all, and the most appealing, the technology of Star Trek is more along the lines of what we would most likely see in the immediate future for mankind. The technology that is displayed in Star Wars is so far ahead of what we can conceptualize, that it is hard to digest. We can visualize stun guns that would fit in our hand and be the size of a cell phone but lightsabers? A highly dignified glowing sword that can slice through titanium doors is like nothing we can imagine! Not to mention planet destroying canons and a spaceship the size of our moon.

The biggest difference has got to be the magical and mystical all powerful “Force”. We can be conned into really anything right up until this point; light speed, laser cannons, radically shaped battle ships, and battle stations, but the force thing is just too far out their.

Star Trek has the more realistic approach to technology with tasers that look like garage door openers, but can be set to stun to preserve life instead of vaporizing it. The Star Trek vessels also posse shapes and forms that we can better relate to. The main aspect of being a captain also is being able to beat your opponent to a pulp without the aid of technology. Han Solo\'s only display of fist fighting was in “Return of the Jedi” when he flipped over a scout trooper as Luke and Leia sped off. Captain Kirk on the other hand has fought many people hand-to-hand weather it was throwing a Klingon commander down a lava pit, or beating Khan to death with lead pipe. Kirk is the winner here, and you know how much we like a winner!

Lets get to the real difference, Star Trek is trying to “Boldly go where no man has gone before” while Star Wars is trying to defend the galaxy from the Dark Side. The entire realm of outer space has been explored and now needs defending while Star Trek is trying to spread man kind’s knowledge of the universe and again goes back to the aspect of a concept that we can better relate to for our immediate future.

The final comparison has got to be the fans. The so called Trekkie is one of the most tireless nerds that you will ever meet. Most will stand in a line for 10 hours or more just to get an autograph from someone they don’t even know outside of a costume. The Warsie will have anyone associated with Star Wars sign their arm and then go off to tattoo it and have it immortalized and the Warsie also quotes entire movies and collects millions of dollars worth of memorabilia and he may even pursue the force as a religion and learn all 7 forms of lightsaber skills using a hand made lightsaber made from a flash light and cardboard tubing.