Stalin's efficiency as the head of the communist party in Russia has been questioned quite extensively until today. When Stalin was elected general secretary of the Communist party in 1922 a base for his political influence was founded from which he would gain power and take over as the sole dictator of Russia in 1930. Stalin had set himself as leader of Russia before people knew it, and thus he was able to carry out his desired plan. His activities as the leader of Russia brought much controversy to the whole country and to his own party to say the least. He developed a policy with which not many agreed, to ensure the efficiency of his single-party state. His way of dealing with the threats to his concepts were not appreciated by many people. Some chose to go against him, like Trotsky, Bukharin, Khrushchev, Kirov and Zinovyev, who fell victim to his harsh methods of dealing with the opposition to his party and to his policies. However, a single party satate is bound to have opposition and they have to deal with it in some way. The way that they conduct their purges will depend on the strength of the opposition and for Stalin it was a way of putting fear in people to ensure that they won't go against him.Stalin industrialized the Russian nation very quickly and restored its economy, but at the cost of millions of lives.
The struggle as leader of Russia that he had with Leon Trotsky was not easy and he did not do it alone. He established a ruling coalition with Grigory Zinovyev to prevent Trotsky from taking power. Zinovyev was of great help to him and Stalin was able to obtain ultimate control of Russia. However, Stalin wanted to have all the power for himself and he wanted to do everything his way. He did not tolerate collegiality in leadership and so he was not willing to share power with Zinovyev. Soon Zinovyev became victim to Stalin's greediness and he was stripped from his position and expelled from the Communist party. Zinovyev did not wait long and he joined Trotsky in a bloc against Stalin known as the "United Opposition." He was later accused on false charges of organizing a terrorist organization and he was convicted and shot. Trotsky, who Stalin also saw as a great threat to his power, was later assassinated in Mexico. This action by part of Stalin was both necessary and beneficial for him and his party if he wanted his single-party state to work efficiently. Stalin had to end with a powerful person like him and Trotsky if he wanted his party to run well without opposition. As Khrushchev mentioned "This was a stubborn and a difficult fight but a necessary one, because the political line of both the Trotskyite-Zinoviveite bloc and of the Bukharinites led actually toward the restoration of capitalism and capitulation of the world bourgeoisie."(Khrushchev 146) If Stalin had not dealt with them in that way they could have overcome him and established a more capitalist system, which would go completely against the ideas of his single-party state.
Stalin did not accomplish this struggle against Zinovyev and Trotsky alone either. During his struggle against Trotsky and Zinovyev for power in Russia, Nikolay Bukharin helped Stalin to gain that absolute control of Russia. When Stalin stripped Zinovyev of his position as head of the Third international, Bukharin was the one who took Zinovyevs place. Bukharin was gaining positions, which came with power, and Stalin was not happy about that. Stalin did not hesitate to strip Bukharin of all his positions but Bukharin did not stop there. He became editor of the Izvestia, which was the official government paper. His ideas opposed those of Stalin and the fact that he leaned to the right, did not please Stalin. Stalin took the first chance he could and Bukharin was arrested on the charges of Trotskyist activities, during one of Stalin's purges, and he was executed. If Stalin had not done this, he would have had another person in power with him, who would've indeed interfered with his ideas and actions. To do what Stalin did, took the decision of one man, and one man only. If Stalin would have had another person