The crowd erupted as the players made their way to the center of the field past the bodyguards holding the crowd back and past the racing track.

As the runners hustled their way to their positions a group of people lined up in a “v” like shape holding flags of different countries appeared.

To my astonishment the people welcomed the flag bearers with a standing ovation. Truly this respect and gratitude was unexpected. The flags entered one by one followed by their national anthem. The players mean while warmed up with quick exercises.

Towards the end when the last song had been sung people would be seen rubbing their hands together in anticipation. The restlessness of the crowd could be seen on the sweat filled faces of the authorities even though the cool breeze of the evening was a treat full delight for the people of California compared to the blistering heat of the day.

The hundred-meter race could not be stalled anymore and the runners made their way to the track. They starred right up at the stalls and we at the stalls starred right back. And suddenly the whistle was blown whose sound was amplified through out the stadium. The crowd wasn’t moving rapt in disbelief as the Australian runner took the lead .He was moving so fast that his feet barely touched the ground. Germany in at third a few feet away from France. There were soft whispers in the audience about the Australian and his victory.

It finished finally, fast Opposite to how it had started. The other end of the ceremony had started and the people had already started their own departure. The amazing Australian was placed in the world records and the unhappy fans applauded out of sheer politeness.

The stalls the bleachers were all empty the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the broom sweeping the floor.