Sport is very popular in our country. People of all ages go in for sports[1]. Sport makes us feel in good form[2] and healthy[3]. In summer you can go in for outdoor sports[4]: swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, running, jumping and so on. In winter we can do in for skiing, skating, hockey, and so on.

We can go in for sports individually or attend[5] a club and have a trainer. From time to time[6] international championships[7] and races[8] take place[9]. There the best sportsmen can win[10] gold , silver[11] or bronze[12] medals. Such great competitions[13] are organized every four years and we call them Olympic Games. Only the best can take part in them. As for me[14], my favorite kind of sports are football and basketball.

Sport is also very popular at our school. We have a big Gym . At the lessons of PT we ski, skate, run, jump, play and go in for gymnastics. Besides [15]I go in for football. And Im a member of a football team. Im sure that all people young and old should [16]go in for sports. Sport makes us healthy, strong and happy.

[1] go in for sports- увлекаться, заниматься спортивными играми

[2] feel in good form- чувствовать себя в хорошей форме

[3] healthy- здоровый

[4] outdoor sports - спортивные игры, проходящие на открытом воздухе

[5] attend - посещать

[6] From time to time - время от времени

[7] international championships международные соревнования

[8] races- состязания

[9] take place случаться, происходить

[10] win- выигрывать

[11] silver - серебряный

[12] bronze - бронзовый ( сделанный из бронзы )

[13] competition - соревнование

[14] As for me - что касается меня

[15] Besides- кроме того

[16] should - следует