Spinal Fluid May Help Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

July 6, 1998
Health Section

A preliminary study shows that someday spinal fluid will help doctors diagnose
Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf,
Germany reported in the July edition of the journal Nature Medicine reported of the 34
samples of spinal fluid they set apart the 15 samples that were from people with
Alzheimer’s or an other related condition from the 19 samples from people who didn’t
have Alzheimer’s. Most Alzheimer’s patients are determined to have Alzheimer’s by
symptoms, psychological testing, and medical testing to prove its not another disease that
is causing the person to appear to be having Alzheimer’s.
Scientists and other Alzheimer’s experts felt it was too soon to see how useful this
test might be for doctors. Doctors diagnosis’s are usually 80 to 90% accurate.
Alzheimer’s patients show an extensive amount of amyloid beta-protein. The test
is to detect amyloid beta-protein in the spinal fluid of patients.
Researchers need to presume many more tests to see if it is fooled by other
diseases . This is one reason why this test is not completely determined to be completely
The one thing I learned from this article was that there wasn’t a diagnosis for
Alzheimer’s in the first place. I had always thought that Alzheimer’s was detectable in
some way.
Yes, I would recommend this article to another student. I feel that a number of
people should be known to the subject of Alzheimer’s by itself. Because a number of
families have a member in it that may have Alzheimer’s and this article would help them
understand the disease a little bit better.