Speech Essay

Joe Blow come up 360 flips into a dark slide half kickflip out, he wins the X games!

Hi I am Josh Shepley and I am doing my speech on skateboarding. I will start with the history. Skateboarding was invented by surfers who wanted to surf when there was no waves. This started sidewalk surfing. I the beginning sidewalk surfing consisted of going on the sidewalk or cruising down hills. After a while people started skating on paved embanks as well as empty pool.
The style of skateboarding dramatically changed with the invention of the ollie. This move was invented by Allen Ollie Gerfland, and involved the combination of tapping down the tail of the board while jumping in the air and kicking your front foot forward. The proper execution of these moves would result in the board jumping in the air with you and you should remember to keep the board directly under your feet for the proper landing. This move allowed a whole new type of skating to evolve called street skating, this uses obstacles on over and around.
Some other moves include the kickflip for this you must learn to ollie then place your front foot a little below the front bolts at an angle. Now kick your board with your front foot on heelside. Let the board spin in the air and then catch it with your back foot and push to the ground. Frontside 50-50 Grind. Approach the object frontside.(make sure it is waxed really good or you wont slide.) Pop up and turn just enough so that both trucks are grinding on the object. Let your trucks slide along and when you want to come off push down on your tail and turn off.
Some of the boards you might want are Shortys , A-team, ATM, flip, and many others. Some of the trucks and Kruxs, Ventures, Destructo, Independent, Grind Kings, and Gullwing. And wheels are Pig, Girl, Birdhouse, Blind, and Speed demon.
Now I will tell you some thing skaters are faced with in their everyday skating. #1 harassment we are often harassed by older people who do not even understand the sport. #2 no place to sk8 there is often no place to sk8 either we are kicked out of forced out by the cops. #3 Money $90 for a deck $75 for trucks, $50 for wheels, $30 for bearing and 10 just for grip tape.
In conclusion I hope that everybody who sk8s will continue to sk8 and don\'t stop sk8ing because of harassment or you think you are not good enough. Who knows some day you might have your own sk8 video.