Specialty Car Buyers

Brooks Smythe
Manag 323 10 AM
“Auction To Buy” is a car specialty company which people use to find a special or hard to find automobile.
Customers come to this company and state the type of car or truck they are looking for, and the amount of money
they are willing to spend. Then our well trained sales representatives go out and find that automobile for the
customer and receive a nice commission for their work. These sales representatives go to auctions all over the
country, use the Internet to look all over the world, and search all of the newspapers to find these desired
automobiles. The types of cars that the company focuses on are; antiques, luxury cars, and high quality four wheel
drives like Hum-V’s and Range Rovers. We have also been known to find fully loaded Tahoes and Surburbans.
This business is a profit organization which finds high class people the car of their dreams. This is why our location
is so important. This business is based in Atlanta, Georgia, because it is one of the fastest growing cities in the
world. A lot of younger people are drawn to this area because there are a number of high paying executive jobs,
along with a great deal of old money. With these jobs and old money the people of this area are willing to spend
high dollar for the car of their dreams , and these cars are also seen as status symbols by friends and fellow workers.
Another reason for this location is that the city of Atlanta has an International Airport and is accessible to other
countries all over the world.
Even though, “Auction To Buy” is a small business it is also a global one. Their are approximately fifteen
employees including myself. The demographics are as follows. There are five main sales representatives. They deal
with the customers personally by taking the car order for them and assist them in any way possible. These five ,
myself included , are all older and more experienced. We consist of four males and one female, all experienced with
the recent car markets. Under each of us are two assistants from the younger labor pool who are educated in the new
technologies needed to survive in the computer world. These assistants include; four women one of which is
Hispanic, one Asian male, one Hispanic male, and four other Caucasian males. This is how the system works. When
one of the main sales representatives gets an order for a car he or she along with their assistants go out and search
the world for the car the customer is looking for.
The organization is printed on the final page of the paper. It show how the high arcky in the office is set up, and who
is at the top of the chain of command.
There are three main areas of the general environment that “ Auction To Buy” has really concentrated on. These
three are the Economic, Sociocultural, and Technological. The business is extremely focused on the economy,
because if the economy is rising than more people can afford to buy these expensive cars which my company can
provide. So we pay close attention to the markets all over the world , and put more effort into advertising in areas
with a rising economy. We are focused on sociocultural conditions , because this is a very personal business, and
people have to be dealt with in a social atmosphere as well as a business one. We need to know as much about other
peoples beliefs and customs so we can be successful wherever we do business. The car business is known to be full
of smooth talking crocks; however, “Auction to Buy” gets away from this stereo type by trying to get to know our
customers on a personal basis. We feel that first a mutual trust must be establis!
hed before you can trust us to find you (the customer) the car of your dreams. Our technological focus is on
computers and the use of the Internet. This company relies heavily on the World Wide Web , when dealing in the
global market. Through the use of updated computer equipment