Special points from 90% of the book, Happiness Homemade by K Kuzma

Atmosphere of your home: Home should be made all that the word implies. It should be a little heaven upon earth, a place where the affections are cultivated instead of being studiously repressed.
Fundamentals of true homemaking: The home should be to the children the most attractive place in the world, and the motherís presence should be its greatest attraction. Cleanliness, neatness, and order are indispensable to the proper management of the household.
Manís first home: Eden home of our first parents was prepared for them by God Himself. He gave Adam a companion. Eve was created from a rib taken from the side of Adam, signifying tat she was not to control him as the head, not to be trampled under his feet as an inferior, but to stand by his side as an equal, to be loved and protected by him.
Influence of your home: The father and mother find helpers in their children, who give to others the instruction received in the home. The neighborhood in which they live is helped, for in it they have become enriched for time and for eternity.
Solemn promises: The divine love emanating from Christ never destroys human love, but includes it. By it human love is refined and purified, elevated and ennobled.
A happy, successful partnership: Make Christ first and last and best in everything. And your love for Him will daily become deeper and stronger as it is submitted to the test of trial.
Mutual obligations: "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands." "As it is fit in the Lord." We must have the Spirit of God, or we can never have harmony in the home.
Where should your home be?: Be not controlled by the desire of wealth, the dictates of fashion, or the customs of society. Consider what will tend most to simplicity, purity, health and real worth.
Your family and the city: Life in the cites is false and artificial. The physical surroundings in the cities are often a peril to health. Instead of the crowded city, seek some retired situation where your children will be, so far as possible, shielded from temptation, and there train and educate them for usefulness.
Building and furnishing your home: Buildings should be place on high, well-drained ground. It is important to secure thorough ventilation and plenty of sunlight. Neatness and order are essential to comfort, but these virtues shouldnít be carried to such and extreme as to make life a period of unceasing drudgery and to render the inmates of the home miserable. But whether the home is humble or elegant, there will be no happiness within its walls unless the spirit of its inmates is in harmony with the divine will.
Children, a blessing: Children are the heritage of the Lord, and we are answerable to Him for our management of His property. A childless house is a desolate place. Child caring develops character. Care and affection for dependent children removes the roughness from our natures. Children are committed to their parents as a precious trust, which God will one day require at their hands.
Fatherís responsibilities: The husband and father is the head of the household. The wife looks to him for love and sympathy and for aid in the training of the children. He is bound to his family by sacred, and holy ties. Be sure that a pure, holy atmosphere surrounds your (the manís) soul. You are to lean daily of Christ. Never, never are you to show a tyrannical spirit in the home.
Sharing the burdens: The fatherís duty to his children cannot be transferred to the mother. The father should encourage and sustain the mother in her work of care by his cheerful looks and kind words. Let the father take into his home the same smiling countenance and pleasant tones with which he has all day greeted visitors and strangers.
Motherís responsibilities: Woman should fill the position which God originally designed for her, as her husbandís equal. The world needs mothers who are mothers not merely in name but in every sense of the word. The mother is the queen of the home, and the children are her subjects. Amid all the activities of life the motherís most sacred duty is to her children. Let