"Space... The Final Frontier"

Ever wished you could journey to the stars? To boldly go where no other has gone before? Gene Rodenbery takes us there through his thirty year straight, blockbuster hit, Star Trek. With currently five separate series of Star Trek out there, there’s a Trek for each one of us. Whether you prefer the strapping, in there mixing it up Captain James Tiberius Kirk, the conservative intellectual, Captain Jean‑Luc Picard, or even the outgoing renegade, Captain Katherine Janeway, Star Trek caters to anyone with a dream and an imagination. So turn off the lights, crank up your mind, and prepare to go to warp 9.95(9,449,050,466 miles per second).

So, you say you prefer Kirk, huh? Well here’s the scoop on tv’s greatest legend(aka. William Shatner). Being the first of a long line of tv captains patrolling the galaxy, naturally Kirk has expectations as big as his ego resting on his shoulders. But it would appear throughout his career as Starfleet’s premier captain, Kirk will astound us again and again with his brilliant ability to solve any problem(with Bones and Spok, of course),and always manage to save the day. Kirk’s ability to capture our imaginations is one of the reasons for the huge success of Star Trek. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to be Kirk?

Ok, so Kirk is all that, but what about the Earl Grey loving intellect we all know as Jean‑Luc Picard(aka. Patrik Stuart)? Perhaps Star Trek’s latest legend, who doesn’t know we mean Star Trek when we mention Captain Picard? Leading up to Deep Space Nine, The Next Generation, with Picard at the CON, warped it’ s way into our tv set and beamed into our mind. Some would argue that true Trekys prefer Kirk, but who could resist the cool mannered, stern demeanor of a thinker with a tea cup in his hand, running the Federation’s flagship, the USS Enterprise NCC‑1701D,E? Perhaps the way‑point of Starfleet captains, Picard represents the logic in humans, and our natural curiosity, and the uncanny human ability to get ourselves into trouble. Yet with the help of the best and brightest minds in Starfleet, Picard and the Enterprise have emblazoned themselves into our tv culture forever.

Alright, Kirk and Picard fans, its time for the low‑down on the biggest radical in starfleet. Captian Katherine Janeway(aka. Catherine Parkens) of the Starship Voyager at your service. The last series of Star Trek to go off the air is my personal favorite, Voyager, NCC‑3754, is the miracle ship of Starfleet. The continuing saga of Janeway and her crack crew travleing 80,000 Light Years from the distant, unexplored Delta quadrant in their never‑ending quest to make it home, to the Alpha quadrant, to Earth. And the natives in the Delta quadrant don’t make it easy for the most part. Janeway symbolizes our most endearing quality, the need to belong and to be with our own kind.

Kirk, Picard, Janeway. The finest of the best of Starfleet. And the source of so many dreams, wishes and desires. Star Trek pulls the best, and the worst, of our own being out into the open and smacks it on the table in the situation room, and makes accept that we, humans, are indeed not the most powerful species in the galaxy. We have the Borg to thank for that. And of Course, Gene Rodenbery’s inescapable ability to make us confront the possibility that we might not be all that we think we are, and we are not the Q. We are not omnipotent, we are not eternal. We are bound by the same rules of nature as everyone else. And this... this is the most enduring quality of Star Trek.