South vs. North

I screamed as the cannon exploded next to me. My men were dropping left and right. I didn't know just how much longer I could hold Grant and his army off. Just then a bullet hit me in the chest. I yelled out in agony, and collapsed onto the ground.
I awoke to find myself in the army's hospital. Normally a chest shot was a definite killer, but I am one of General Lee's number one men. He obviously sent some of his best doctors. Well I guess I should let you know a little about myself. I mean I probably will be here for a while so I have time I guess.
Well, here it goes, my life history. My name is Elijah. I am 32 years old. Since I have been a child, my family and everyone I know have had slaves. I am the best general other than Lee to have ever lived. I still remember something Lee told me once before that has stuck to me and I have grown to follow that in my own life. Lee stated, "It is only the ignorant who suppose themselves omniscient." This has much more meaning than what it at first appears to have.
Once again, we had slaves. We kept these things alive and helped them out. Like I said earlier they would have died if it wasn't for us. We gave them a home and fed them when they needed to be fed. All we ask for in return is that they work on our farms. They are property of ours, we bought and paid for them legally. It says that one of my rights as a United States citizen, is my right to own private property. I have written proof of ownership of these wild animals. That's all that they are, animals.
Think about those black bums in the North. They have to try to work on their own, and most of them are out on the streets. They don't know how to live on their own. I actually feel kinda bad for them. They are treated like dirt up there.
Yes, I beat my slaves! They are untrained animals like I said earlier. How do you teach an animal not to do something? Of course, you have to hit and beat it, until it learns its lesson. That same thing applies to slaves. We have to teach them how to obey us, their masters. It kills me to hear those sorry souls tell me that those sorry-to -be-alive blacks have feelings. They are a disgrace to our white nation.
The North wants says that blacks are free men and should be treated that way. They don't think that they should be abused. "They have rights," Northerners say. That is all wrong. Blacks are not free at all. We take good care of them. Without them our plantations down here would never be able to be plowed and worked on. Blacks were born slaves and it's up to me to keep it that way.
When I was only about 24, I joined the Confederate Army and fought the North. Some of the Southern states started seceding from the United States. Others soon followed this idea. This was soon called secession. Most of the south was for secession. We were tired of the north bossing us around. We wanted our independence from the Union. The Constitution wouldn't let us secede, so we just left. Then those stupid northerners decided that they wanted to fight us and get us back! They are so stupid, didn't they realize we would kill them?
"You'll be able to leave tomorrow Mr. Elijah," said the nurse.
"It's about time! I need to get back with my men and kick some Northern butt," I said.
Okay, now where was I? Well, let me just tell you about some battles I have fought in. I fought in The Battle of Manassas. Those untrained Union soldiers, they didn't have any plans they just showed up. There were people in carriages watching us fight. They expected the North to win, but you should have seen the looks on their faces as we came out and started killing off the Unions. Then we