Hi everyone is this thing on?

yeah well um i\'m here to talk to you about empowerment

don\'t worry i\'m not going to stay up here and be like hey it\'s all in the way you think and if you see the prize with your eyes you can have, that\'s not all i\'m here to say it\'s half of it but not all of it

what i\'m here to say is to empower you people to say your not only one person but a human being

if your not following me right now it\'s okay you eventually will

my name is Favio Garcia and at 15 i\'ve learned a lot of things i may even be ahead of my time, thinking wise and the reason i\'m here at camp david is because i\'m tired of hereing people say things like i cant do anything i\'m only one person

there are 3 things i\'m here to cover

first well talk history and see if we can learn from the past and see how back then people empowered themselves

after that i\'ll see if some pholisophy can teach you about how to think the right way

at the end we\'ll review everything i said and see if you can stop being the _________ in your life and become the __________

Let\'s look back to Christopher Columbus a man who only went to India for conquest, who only went to India for free spice that he was going to steal by force. What did he do in the end? History and word of mouth tell us that he landed on "The Americas" and made friends with the nice little Indians like Big Cheif and little Foot. The truth is that he landed and demanded gold, they didn\'t speak spanish so he shot the first one he met and demanded spice and showed them pictures. After hours they produced enough "spice" and "gold" (spice being random weeds and plants, and gold being shinny objects that they had collected over the years) for Columbus to leave to Spain to ask for more men and money to get him more of what his loved queen wanted. Meanwhile his nice little Indian friends Big Cheif and Little Foot were struck with hideous diseases that he left for them because they had never come into contact with food that he traded and furs he gave them. When in reality he forgot the instructions to cooking the food and didn\'t know that Little Foot was allergic to the fur that he gave them. The point of this somewhat true story is to show the fact that christopher columbus was one man and had around 200 crewmembers with him, he was the main guy so had had to disscuss things with the indians (or as we would find out later native americans) the indians thougth had thousands if not millions columbus was out numbered so what did he do he used the empowerment within him and gave off a presance that said this is an important man that we should listen to and do whatever he says. Mr colombus used his empowerment for evil but can we really call it evil when we are living on the land that he supposadly discovered? but if you don\'t think the columbus story is empowerment enough I have a better one does anyone know about the british bloody channels?

well during world war 2 the germans keep bombing britan on a daily basis, you\'d be walking home after hanging out with your friends and boom a bomb would fall out but dont worry this didnt happen on a weekly basis it happened on a daily basis and people over time got scared and well lost hope and thought the end was near and winston churchhill said somthing that would empower the people, millions empowered by one single person, he said something like i know there are bombings but they want us to lose hope they want us to be scared, show them they have not taken our british power, look up and think never surrender. people felt the empowerment of one man and through that they all managed to get through the worst times of world war 2

some of the great pholisophers have written about empowerment

man only