February 25, 2003
Well, lets just say that the island I got stranded on was very, very nice. There were plenty of trees, a huge lake and pond of fresh water. There was also, a fun beach to play at, but stay away from the cliff. I built my shelter close to a river so I could awake to the sound of gurgling clear, moving water. There was also sand in the middle of the island; I donít know how that got there. All of this right in the middle of the Bahamas, a very nice place in the ocean I might add. Since there were a lot of trees in the forest I just gathered up a lot of wood and built a shelter. I ate fresh caught fish from the lake and river, clams from the ocean, and deer, rabbits, etc. from land. What I did all day was swim in the river, ocean, or lake. Or also would build a sand castle on the beach. I also found this perfect spot on the cliff just height enough to jump into the water from. I also would explore the forest and find a lot of amazing things and animals like snakes, deer, and rabbits (mmm mmm).