Some of the hardest decisions that you will make in your life are those which involve your closest friends and loved ones. Everyone has been posed with this type of decision. Probably one of the toughest choices of a teen-agers life is deciding on where they would go to college and what their major should be.
Itís about 7:30 on Friday night. The sun is beginning to set, a cool breeze is blowing from the west. Streetlights and house lights start appearing along the horizon of the small town of Newburgh, NY. Just around this time Laura Remington is putting on the last of her make-up and Mike Morrison, her boyfriend for almost a year is stepping up to her front door about to ring the doorbell. Laura and Mike have been a item for just under a year. People have told them that they are going to get married and that they are the cutest couple they have seen. Plain and simple, they have heard it all.
"Hello Michael., Iíll go get Laura for you sweety." Says Mrs. Remington
"Thank you." Responds Mike
"Iíll just take a seat on the couch and wait for her." He says.

Before he can utter another word Mrs. Remington on her way up the stairs calling for Laura. Before he can get situated on the coach, his usual waiting place for Laura. Mr. Remington is up and is bombarding him with questions concerning his college decisions.

"Have you figured out where you will be going next fall Mike?" " Have you considered what you would like to major in? How far you thinking about going from home?" Inquires Lauraís father.

Mike is shocked, he just sits there with a blank face. Then responds:

"It all depends I guess. I am sure you know how it feels." Responds Mike.
"It seems that is all I can get out of my Laura. She just always says it depends. I wish I new what she was depending on?"

In the back of Mikes head he knew what the "depending" factor was. This factor was truly one of the only reasons keeping them both of them from making a final choice. This factor was whether or not they Mike and Laura were going to stay together through college and if they did stay together, how would they stay together and when and where would they see each other? The whole purpose of Mike taking out Laura was to make their final decisions about where they were going in order to keep their parents content.
Shortly after Mike had sat down Mrs. Remington reappeared and following her was Laura. Her long straight jet black hair and big brown eyes were a perfect complement. Her little button nose and puppy dog cheeks gave her a little baby face. She was wearing a flannel shirt that Mike had bought her and a pair of new jeans that she had recently purchased. Overall, she was quite a sight to see. She walked up to Mike and gave him a huge hug and said:
"How was your day hun?"
Mike responded by saying "Ehhh, things could have been better?"
"So you two, what are your plans tonight?" Inquires Lauraís mom.
"Well Mom, were not quit sure, but when we do find something to do, I will give you call and tell you when I am going to be home. Okay?"
"Sounds like a plan. Why donít you two get out of here." Says Mrs. Remington

With that they all say their good byeís and Laura and Michael leave the house and get into Mikeís car. Mikes car is not the best, then again its is not the worst. Its a 1993, royal blue, Honda Accord. The inside of the car has a peculiar smell that of coconuts, from a air freshner that his sister demand be put in it. The are is cool a crisp, but it is not quite jacket weather yet, although Mike has left his jacket on the front side passenger seat because he knows that Laura will end up wearing since she becomes cold very easily.
"Mike, honey" Laura says. "Can you drive some place where we can go and talk?"
"Sure. Where would you like me to go?" He says.
"I donít know, ummÖHow about