Solar Oven

Why it will work:

It will work because the cold air under the box will be separated by
four (4) wood pegs. The black, non-glossy paint will attract heat, rather than
reflect it. The glass, double panel, will allow heat to pass through, but not
allow it to escape. The charcoal cubes and shavings will absorb the heat in the
box and store the excess heat allowing the flow to continuously warm the oven.
The tin foil will reflect heat and subsequently heat up the oven. The
polyurethane material will trap the heat inside the oven. The mirrors will help
the heat stay inside the box.

Materials used:
Shoe Box
Tin Foil
Sheets of Glass
Charcoal Cubes and Shavings
Non-Glossy, Black Spay Paint
Four (4) Wood Pegs

Category: Science