I. Introduction
II. Definition of Social Work
III. Purpose of Social Work
IV. Duties of Social Workers
V. Types of Social Workers
VI. Requirements to Become a Social Worker
VII. Location of Social Workers
VIII. Environment
A. people dealt with
B. stress level
IX. Conclusion


Social workers can do a variety of jobs. There are many careers in the field of social work. It is a very demanding career. To be a social worker certain qualities are best to have. It involves many things. The main aspect of social work is helping people. All types of people are helped by social workers. Social workers are involved on all types of jobs in many different places. Social work involves being a person that wants to help people all they can. Social work is a involved job.

“ Social work os the profession committed to the pursuit of social justice, to the enhancement of the quality of life, and to the development of full potential of each individual, groups and community on society.” ( Questions about social work. n.p.) The purpose of social work is to enable
children, adults, family groups and communities to function, participate and development in society. ( What is social work? n.p.)

Social workers work with people to assess their needs. To assess their needs involves many steps. Identifying signs of abuse on children and adults, and then assess the degree of risk. Finding the strengths of families and identifying the support services available to the child or adult in the community. If the social worker can not carry out the help, they will organize special assessments to be carried out by other care or welfare professionals. Social workers deal with all kinds of needs, such as practical needs. housing. benefits and health care. They also assess the personal strengths and potential of services users, also assessing the users’ needs for support and services. They assess whether people could endanger themselves or others. Social workers assess the potential for a person’s situation to deteriorate and which services are needed to prevent their breakdown. ( What is social work?)

Social workers do many different things. It all depends on what type of social worker they are. Social workers make home visits, counsel, improve situations, work in schools or with schools to help children, work in courts on behave or against clients and assistance for people in many different areas. (Howell) Agencies are given certain responsibilities and power through statute. They have to follow policies and procedures. Social workers balance the needs, rights, responsibilities and resources of people within the community. They provide the needed levels of support, care protection and control. (What is social work? n.p.) Social workers look into situations to make sure adults and children are taken care of. They make sure people have good homes, food, water and heat. Help with family problems and individual problems. (Howell)

There are many careers available in the field of social work. There are many different places a social worker can work. Social workers can work in child welfare, Family Services, child or Adult Protective Services, Crisis Interventions Service, Outreach Programs for Mental/Care Emotional Problems, Health Care, School social work, criminal Justice, Occupational Social Work, Gerontological Social Work, Employee Assistance in Businesses/Corporations, Graduate School - Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) (Social work careers n.p.) Social Workers are employed by a variety of organizations. They work with professionals from many different professions and departments as a part of network of services, such as welfare, health, housing, education and criminal justice provision. (What is social work n.p.) Over 75,000 caseworkers are employed by state, county and city governments. About 50,000 employed by private agencies. Social workers have a better chance of finding a job in public agencies. Public welfare jobs are greatly available in all localities. In larger cities the welfare case load increases enough to constantly be hiring new case workers. (Lee, Alfred m. 10-11) Schools employ social workers to help students with problems that interfere with education. They work with students, their families, people, organizations in the community and faculty and staff. (Schreiber, Paul. 144)

Social workers practice in a variety of settings. In child welfare and family service agencies, social work assumes the major responsibilities. Social workers carry out the