English Assignment

Short Story

Wow someone is about to score and then suddenly there was a load scream from over the other side of the stadium where I was watching a late night soccer game. Stop yells the lines man, almost in a split second everyone jumped up and turned there heads to face in the direction where the scream had come form. When I finally got above the crowd I couldn’t see anything there was just a bunch of empty sets. Well I haven’t told you my name it is John and me and my friends are at the semi-final for the state soccer games. Our team has already made it into the finals so we are here checking out what sort of competition we will be up against. Mmmm…..Yes well it looks like we will be able to beat them in one flying swoop. Seems Josh doesn’t think that we have as good as chance as I thought we would. It’s like an ant nest because of all the holes in there defence like right now they have all there plays pushed forward so it would be a great time for the other team to score! Well its half time now and Josh and me are grabbing a drink. We get back and the game has already started. Greg says that we just missed a killer goal. Ok it is the end of the game now and me and my friends are going to go back to my house to think what sort of play we are going to make in the upcoming game. We standing out side tied form running all the way home when I hear the same scream that I heard at the soccer game. I turned to Josh and asked him if he heard anything and he say “I think you have lost your head”. That is weird I swear I heard a noise from out the back of the house! So I open the door and out pops my mum with some food. That’s what my mum dose all the time, whenever she sees me bring home friends she cooks something. I asked mum if she heard a scream and she says “I don’t have a clue what you are talking about”. So I decide that it was nothing at all and I just pushed it to the back of my brain. That night when I was on my computer making programs I heard that same screaming noise but it came from the roof this time. I ran outside to see what was making this obscene noise. But again there was nothing there, it is so weird I swear I keep hearing the same scream. I ran outside to see if I could find anything but I never can find out what it is. As I walk inside I see something lying on the ground. It looks like some kind of clothing, it looked a bit like a hat but it was all shredded. I picked it up and took it inside to inspect what it was. I had never seen something like this before in my whole life. I took it to mum and she said that it seemed to look like a hat too. Well I put it in my cupboard and close the door. The next day I just hang around the house like a fly hangs around food. That afternoon it was our big soccer game and I was so ready for it. Everyone arrived on time and we were all ready for the game. I kidded off to start the game and right at the start I set a goal for Josh and he got it in. Yeh! Our team was so enthusiastic that our defence never even got the ball in the first half of the game. In the second half we were winning 4, 1 so everyone was going crazy! The game ended with a score of 5 to us and 4 to them. We only just won because our defence started to crumble at the end. Back home again to find that this thing which I didn’t had the slightest clue about or what it was had turned into a liquid. I