In this poem, ‘Slipping’ the poet, Joan Aleshire represented the character as her father, who is getting older and older. I think, in this poem, the poet really wants to describe the characteristics of an old man. The speaker clarifies the reality; the fact that how days and years is slipping by- and her father gets older and older. She felt so sympathetic about her father when she thought about him. His legs are weakens and hardly supports him. I think, “The curtain of mist that falls over one eye”, means to me that his memory becomes foggy. Here the poet is describing that her father is so old that his memory is getting lost.

Further on the speaker quoted her mother’s words about her father that he is not an open person, he never wanted to share his feelings but now at this stage of age of life, when he is so old that he could not live all by himself. He really needs some help to survive and now he is all up to her daughter’s hand. Showing his love for the speaker, the very first time because before that he might not have that much time to spend with his family. He had to do a lot more for them. From the description, “A photograph taken of him teaching- white coat, stethoscope like…” we know that he is a teacher of doctor and he always love his work. He was so into his work that the speaker’s family seldom saw him at home. But this stage of life brings him so close to his family that the speaker never thinks of.

For me a family is not completed without love. It is not a big issue that a father, who works really hard for the betterment of his family, does not give much time to his family. But this does not mean that he does not love his family. For me parents are everything. They taught their children good things so he can distinguish between good and evil, they face hardships for their children so their children does not have to face any problems and when children grew up and parents get older. It is time to pay some back and that is the time when they really need their children.