Liston Woo
Charleston, South Carolina

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Congressmen:
It has come to my attention that the fine institution slavery has come under recent scrutiny. I am outraged at this uprising against slavery. How people of a nation can be so against the very thing that keeps their nation alive is a very peculiar notion to me. Slavery is the very backbone of our glorious nation and without it our country would certainly perish. To quote John C. Calhoon, "To destroy slavery will destroy us as a people."
The most pervasive of all defenses for slavery is the economic security it brings for our nation. The well being of both the north and the south are dependent upon the slaves. One group of people that greatly benefits from slavery is the northern shipping companies. They buy our cotton, ship it to England, and trade it for goods that are manufactured there. Then those goods are shipped to the United States for sale. Just last year, in 1840, cotton accounted for half of the value of U.S. exports. In fact, the U.S. produced more than half of the worlds supply of cotton. Without slavery there would be no cotton business. And with no cotton business our country would slip into economic downfall.
The next argument for slavery is that slavery is good for the slaves. Many who oppose slavery are narrow-minded people who do not know the whole story behind the slaves. We, the slave owners, have taken our slaves from an uncivilized and barbaric place and put them into good stable jobs and homes. In Africa they lived in open-air huts with unsanitary conditions that could be conducive to the breeding of disease. In America these slaves have a good roof over their heads. We even allow our slaves to set up and regularly attend religious gatherings. They also never have to worry about being out of work, which is something that the northern states could never offer. Our workers are much happier and better off than the overworked northern wage-slaves. We also care for our workers in sickness and old age, unlike the heartless and greedy company bosses of the north who get rid of a person once their usefulness is gone. Our workers in the south work in the fresh air and sunshine, whereas in the north workers must work in dark stuffy factories. The slaves in the south can even earn their freedom by working extra hours. So if a slave really wants to become free he or she can, just by doing a little extra work.
The hypocrites in the north claim to be fair and just to the blacks, while they say that we in the south are greedy black haters. Well, the exact opposite is true. Many states in the north refuse the entrance of slaves. And most of the northern states do not allow blacks to vote and even bar blacks from public schools. Why, I have even heard of white people in the north tearing down a public school that had allowed blacks to enroll. While in the north blacks are treated as dirt, in the south they are treated like family (as opposed to just workers). Many southern whites entrust the safety and wellbeing of their precious children to black caretakers. Many slave/slave owner relationships are like those of a family. Evidence of this "family" relationship has been found on the gravestones of slaves, reading things like, "a true friend" and "in life they gave him love; for he was one of them".
So, congressmen, I ask that you put aside your previous beliefs and just look at the facts. I hope that I have helped you to realize that slavery is not a greed driven, immoral industry, but a humane business that is necessary for the well being of our country.