Sitting in the court room, Bryan does not pay attention to anything that is going on around him. All he can think about is the accident and if he could change things he would. If he could go back in time and make himself the one that was killed and not Jeff, he would do it in a heartbeat.
This was not manslaughter. He would never kill his best friend on purpose. They were both drunk and it just happened that Bryan was driving instead of Jeff. If it was Bryan that was killed then Jeff’s family would understand. They would understand that Bryan didn’t do it on purpose and maybe they would not try to charge him with so many counts. If he could get out of this in any way he would. Whatever the cost he would change it all.
The next thing he knew he was being told to come back in two weeks. On the way out Jeff’s family gave him dirty looks and he knew saying sorry was not good enough.
Lying in bed Bryan cried thinking there was no hope. He knew that he needed to be punished. He broke the law and whether he did it on purpose or not, he had taken a life. Bryan knew he would go to jail but he did not understand the manslaughter charge. If he could only make things different.
Then he remembered his crazy Uncle Leon telling him a story about time travel. Leon was strange and no one believed his stories but Bryan was desperate. He went to his Uncle’s house praying that there was some way he could help him.
Leon carefully listened to Bryan as he told the whole story and his feelings. Bryan asked him about the time travel theory and Leon said, “ and now you want to believe my stories?”
Leon told Bryan his theory again and then took him to the basement. At first Bryan thought he was dreaming but it was a real time machine. “Does it work?” Bryan asked. “Of course it works” replied Leon , “how do you think I got rid of your Aunt Edna?”
Sitting in the time machine, Bryan was going over in his mind everything that Leon had told him, all of the instructions and details. Bryan was all set to go back to the day of the accident. He told Leon good-bye and turned his head, knowing it would be the last time he would see him.
When Bryan arrived at his house of the morning of the accident he was amazed. It really worked. His mother came into his bedroom and gave him a kiss on his forehead and wished him a happy Birthday. As she left his room Bryan understood that he needed to talk with her. He had to tell her he loved her because tonight he would die. Bryan sat at the kitchen table as his mom fixed him something to eat. Bryan was trying to think of what to say. What do you say to someone you know you will never see again? Bryan told his mom he loved her and that if anything was to ever happen to him, he wanted her to go on living her life and not worry about him. Bryan’s mom didn’t understand where he was coming from and told him nothing was going to happen to him.
Later that night Bryan kissed his mother as he was going out the door. He told her bye and walked off quickly so she would not see his tears. Jeff was waiting for him as he pulled into his driveway. He could not believe he was looking at the guy that just hours ago was dead. They drove to the club and talked about what a great time they were going to have.
Hours later when they were leaving the club, Jeff took the keys away from Bryan and said he would drive. Bryan knew this was what he had come for and he had to let Jeff drive.
Sitting in the court room, Jeff does not pay attention to anything that is going on around him. All he can think about is the accident and if he could change things he would. If he could