Simple as Possible

topic:Anyone can make things bigger and more complex.What requires real effort and courage is to move in the opposite diretion--in other words,to make things as simple as possible.

To make things simple means to have the profound understanding of the whole matter,to discriminate between essence and peripherals,and ultimately to refine piles of information and phenomenon into principles.For instance,if not for the theory of relativity,Einstein would not been venerated by the whole world.The simple fomulation "e=m(c^2)"looking so easy and understandable ,however,is the very core of the theory of relativity.See,for every scintific system and classic principles,tens of thousands of information,data,caculation,and phenomena lies behide them.Faced with piles of such things,the great scientists who devote precious time and labor pick up the essence and damp the others.Just like sifting gold from mountains of sand.The gold is sifted principles and the sand is the phenomena, however,the process of systematical is never a easy job.

More surprising is that simplication even requires courage and patience as well.At least three facts are involves.Firstly the diversified ideas,phenomenon, information,data and presumptions all togother will be a nightmare to one who attempts to work out something clear and logical. Secondly,not every one facing so many such things is confident enough to garantee \'gold\' could be sifted out. The more challege is that who prepareto simply things are always in risk of total lose, because any new discovery conflicting their theory,once testified,will probally nullify their efforts.So,anyone who is will to devote to the process of simplification not only needs the talence,but also courage and patience.

As we all know,to make things as simple as possible is very important.However,it is not always the case.Sometimes we DO NEED to make things bigger and more complex.For instance,to build up a database in computer,such as the national demographic database,it should be as thorough and complete as possible.The bigger the database is,the more helpful will it be.At the same time,the design of the stuctrue of the database should be as simple as possible.The function of software developed to utilize the database should be as complex and versatile as possible,since every operator would expect it to be as easy as possible to use.

Every ramification of science and technology is similar to that procedure of the example above.The first step is to accumulate as much observation as possible with endeavors,and then with hard working of reasoning,maybe adding a little inspiration.Laws and rules are often found in this way.So both simplification and complexing are invovled in the process.The latter is also worthy attention.

To sum up,in this era of rapid development of industry and computer,so much information rashes into our daily life,reseach field and so on.We should have the ability of simplification.And the precondition lies in that we have ability of complexing,which is the fundmental base of simplification.