I chose to learn about silver for my element project. It is a common element used for many different things. In my report I will tell you what silver is used for, the boiling temperature, the history, atomic number, some physical properties, and much more. So keep reading to find out more about silver.

Silver has many physical properties. Silver is beautiful, soft, white metal. It was one of the first metals used by human beings since 4000 B. C. Silver is used to make beautiful objects including ornaments, jewelry, table ware, religious decorations, coins, mirrors and money. It also plays very important role in dentistry, medicine, photography, and electronics.

Silver played many important roles in history. One very important role is money. Silver, along with copper and gold is called a coinage metal. Silver has been used to make coins for thousands of years. In the past, United States had silver coins that contained 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. In 1965 and 1970, Congress passed a law to eliminate silver from dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars.

Silversmiths craft many art objects from silver. The metal is used for electrical and electronic equipment industry for wire and other things, because silver conducts electricity better than any other metal. Silver helps kills bacteria so doctors use it for thin plates, wires, and drainage tubes during surgery. Dentists fill cavities with a mixture that is made up of silver, tin, and mercury.

Silver is also used to make small powerful batteries that are used in calculators, hearing aids, and watches. It is also used to make silver plates and silver mirrors. Silver bromide is used for important role as the light-sensitive chemical in photographic film.

Silver has an atomic number of forty-seven. Its atomic mass is 107.868. Silver’s atomic symbol is Ag. It comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum. The number of protons is forty-seven. The number of electrons silver contains is forty-seven. The number of neutrons is sixty-one. Silver has five different shells. The atoms are stored in the shells. The first shell contains two atoms. The second shell contains eight atoms. The third and fourth shell contains eighteen atoms. The last shell contains one atom.

Silver has a melting point at 961 degrees Celsius. Silver’s boiling point is 2193 degrees Celsius. It has a density of 10.49 grams per cubic centimeter when the temperature is at 20 degrees Celsius.

Silver is a solid. Silver reflects 95 percent of light which makes it the most lustrous (shiny) of all the metals. Silver conducts heat and electricity better than any other metals does. It is second only gold beats it in the ability to be drawn out into fine wires and the ability to be hammered into various shapes.

Most countries have deposits of silver and silver ore. Silver is found in ores. The metal can be recovered economically in only a few places. Mexico leads the world in the production of silver. Then followed by United States and Peru. In the United States silver is found in Nevada and Idaho. Mining silver is very expensive. There are main mining areas in Canada. The are located in British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Silver in its pure form is can be called metallic, free, or native. Silver is very soft so another amount of metal is placed with to increase silver’s hardness and strength. Copper is the metal usually added. So if there is 92.5 percent silver then there is 7.5 percent copper.

I chose to learn about silver for many reasons. First of all I love sterling silver jewelry. That is all I wear. So I thought I would like to learn more about what I wear. It was a very interesting project. I learned where it came from. I also learned everything that is made out of silver. There is still so much to learn. But hopefully I have helped you out to learn just a little about silver.

Stacy Murray
Fourth Hour

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Silver was one of the first metals used by human beings since 4000 BC.

Silver is used to make many beautiful objects.

In the past, the United States had silver