Silas Marner

In the novel Silas Marner there are many negative occurrences that take place.
Three of the characters that are involved are, Molly, Duston, and Godfrey. These
characters are not all the stereotypical people that would do negative things.
Molly was a girl who was addicted to opium. She was secretly married to Godfrey.
Godfrey would give her money and instead of using it on their child she would use that
money to buy more drugs. Molly died as a result of her addiction to drugs.
Dunston was another character in this book that was not a class citizen. Dunstun
committed the second robbery. He was also the person that got wildfire killed. On page
67 Godfrey said of Dunston " He'll never be hurt, he was made to hurt other people. The
robbery occurred because of the death of the horse.
Godfrey was a man that did not ever want to acknowledge that he was married.
On page 111 the novel states that "he had told her he would sooner die than acknowledge
her as his wife."
The novel Silas Marner is a great story that is set in the past. The author must have
had a premonition because she described many things that go on today. For example we
still have drug addicts and illegitimate children.