Silas Marner: Character Profile

Godfrey Cass is a well mannered, dignified, and respected individual in the community of Raveloe; there is something that they don't know about his past.
Godfrey Cass is the Squire's son, we find out that he is one of the more responsible son's that the squire has. For example, we see Godfrey and his father enjoying breakfast together in one if the very first scenes that are in Raveloe. Godfrey is always where he is supposed to be, doing what he is supposed to be doing, in his father's eyes he is the "perfect" son; but his father doesn't know everything about his past.
We can tell that Godfrey and his father have a lot of mutual respect for each other, by how the Squire gives Godfrey so many privileges, and how Godfrey takes that as a compliment and does his best to make his dad proud of him. The Squire is a very wise man and he knows that the time has come for Godfrey to be trained for when he dies. Godfrey is given the job to collect some of the money that the tenants have to pay to live on the Squire's property, and I think that shows the Squire trusts Godfrey and shows that he has enough maturity to handle anything.
Just as we all do now and then, Godfrey made a mistake. Godfrey has a younger brother Dunstan, and he is one hundred percent evil. Dunstan knew that Godfrey was going to get the money from one of the tenants, and he persuaded him to loan it to him for a while. Dunstan ended up blowing all of the money, and Godfrey was left to blame. I think that this was poor judgment on Godfrey's part, and shows that sometimes he doesn't use his head. You might think that Godfrey would just tell his father that he gave the money to Dunstan, but Dunstan had some blackmail on him, so he decided to take the blame.
When Godfrey was younger, he met this girl named Molly Farren, he eventually got her pregnant and had to marry her without the knowledge or the consent of the Squire. This immature act of boyish behavior tells us that Godfrey is human and that he makes mistakes. This also shows that even the best people can have faults.
He also had a lot of other faults. He was constantly fighting with his brother Dunstan. They argued about where the money went, and Godfrey even got physical and shoved Dunstan into the door. This is a great place to show that Godfrey had a
temper, usually he could control it, but this shows his aggressive physical side. In the end Dunstan told Godfrey that if he didn't let him go, he would tell the Squire of the secret marriage.
Godfrey is a compassionate man with a truly loving heart. Even though his wife (Molly Farren) is addicted to every kind of drug on the market and is a total alcoholic, he still goes and sees her and their little baby girl. He also shows that he cares, when he leaves the party to go to see who it was that froze to death in the cold night next to Silas Marner's house. When he arrives to the weaver's house, he sees that indeed just as he expected, the woman who is dead really is Molly, and the little girl, who is his daughter, is snuggled up in Silas' arms.
Godfrey shows loyalty throughout the novel in the form of always trying to help Eppie, his biological daughter, even though she is in the care of Silas Marner. He gave Silas some money to find the baby clothes the very first night, he gave them a bed for her to sleep in, and he even wanted to build onto the house to make more room for them, without changing the price of rent.
By holding out on marrying Nancy Lammeter, I think that showed total cowardice. One he couldn't stand up to his father, so he was scared of that, and also he wasn't man enough to face his mistake in the past. Godfrey was lucky that Nancy actually waited for him. In a way, I guess he showed a