Significant Presidential Decisions

In todayís world many people donít appreciate the importance of president Lyndon B. Johnson's involvement with Vietnam or for that matter realize Lyndon B. Johnsonís decision to increase U.S. involvement in Vietnam during the 1960ís. As you can already tell Lyndon B. Johnson was the decision maker regarding this issue. Johnson faced the problem of the Vietnamese war. As a matter of fact this is one of the reasons why Johnson decided to increase U.S. involvement with Vietnam. The Vietnamese war was basically a war between the North and South sides of Vietnam. The North side of Vitenam became allies with the Soviet Union and China, both communist countries at the time. However the Soviet Union and China only supplied North Vietnam with war materials, they did not send troops or soldiers to aide them. Logically president Lyndon B. Johnson decided to aide South Vietnam to balance things out. The only difference is that Johnson would send troops to help South Vietnam, as opposed to Soviet Union and China. Some alternative options the president considered before making the decision he did was to simply ignore the issue, keep the present involvement with Vietnam the way it was, or he could decrease involvement with Vietnam. Well, luckily the president did in fact reach the decision of aiding South Vietnam, otherwise Vietnam would most likely become two separate nations. There were many people supporting the presidents decision, as well as opposing people. There were American citizens who supported his decision and American citizens opposing his decision. After the president made his final decision there were several reacions such as: "the end of the war", "the reunitation of Vietnam", and for a negative note "the death of 58,000 American soldiers". Before the president made his actual decision he probably valued the safety of his fellow citizens, and his family.