Sherlock Holmes stories have influenced all mystery stories one way or another. The structure in which they are written are the building block for all great mystery stories. I will show this though details found in three different Sherlock Holmes stories and compare them to other stories and adventures.

Sherlock Holmes has a certain structure, which is present in every one of his stories. The first is that the main characters are always shown as doing nothing important. Then someone comes to Holmes and Watson and tells them a problem that they are having. Holmes and Watson are investigating the clues when Holmes will all of the sudden he will have solved the crime. And every time everyone else is baffled including Watson. So Holmes explains everything to everyone on how he came to his conclusion and then it makes perfect sense. But the entire time everyone is kept in the dark until the very end.

Sherlock Holmes structure is shown in all the stories I have read about his adventures. In the Paradol Chamber it starts off with Holmes going into Watson's practice and telling him about his case. Not more than twenty lines into the story he tells Watson that he knows about how his business is not going well do to the fact that the bootscraper has very little mud on it and that Watson's desk is very neat. Lines like that are very funny. Then you go through out the story having no clue on where the boy is until Holmes find the secret passage way in the house and explains how he new everything. In The Case of the Hammersmith Wonder they start out just going to a play and some how get wrapped up in a murder. In which Holmes solves the case before the police even get there. And when they do the first thing he says is that he wants the police to arrest a certain man. And after accusing the man tells everyone how he did it.

There is also a lot of the same structure in many different shows and other things of that type today. For instance lets take the cartoon Scooby Doo. The show always starts off with the kids doing nothing and some how get mixed up in some kind of a mystery. Then they catch the crook and at the end tell whomever how they knew who it was. Another example is the show Murder She Wrote. It start off with Jessica Fletcher going to a hotel where all of the sudden there is a death in the area and she somehow gets in the middle of it and solves the case and tell the police of whoever how she found out who the killer was.

In conclusion, I think that Sherolock has a huge effect of all mysteries in how and why they are written. I enjoyed these stories and had a great time reading these. These paragraphs show on how they effect writing now and how they were structured back then. I hope this also showed that I read and understood these stories and hope I got my point across. This structure of writing will go on as long as there is still literature being written.