Shelley was a typical teenager, growing up in a quiet neighborhood, in a small town.
Everyone basically knew everything about everyone. She attended the local school,
Washington Senior High School, and was a top student there. She excelled at her
academics and still made time to enjoy extracurricular activities such as volleyball,
basketball and track. She had a close knit group of friends that she did everything with.
She was also very seriously involved with a guy, Dustin, who worshipped the ground she
walked on. He was already out of school, but they were known as one of the cutest
couples in the history of Washington. It seemed like this young girl had it all.
On this particular Saturday, Shelley got up at 11:30 and got ready for work. She
was a candy striper at the local hospital. She had to work all day today, well from
1:00-7:00, which basically robbed her of her whole afternoon. She slipped on her
uniform, the basic red and white striped jumper over a white cotton tee. She put on her
white canvas Keds, grabbed her purse and Jacket, and headed downstairs. The house was
empty. Her dad was golfing with his work buddies, her mom was at a brunch sponsored
by her work, and her little brother had spent the night with his best friend. She grabbed
the remote control and switched on the television. It was only 12:10, she didnít have to
leave for work for another thirty five minutes. As she was positioning herself on the
couch, the phone rang. She let out a long sigh, not really wanting to answer, but she did
The voice on the other end was happy and cheery, something Shelley definitely
wasnít this morning. It was Dustin, calling from The Deer Creek Lodge, where he
worked for the summers. He told her he would be by the hospital around 3:00, and said
to be waiting outside for him. He had a surprise for her. For some reason, Shelley wasnít
really happy about him calling her. She was short and pervasive with him just saying
whatever to all of his questions. When he asked what was wrong, she just said she was
tired and hung up the phone. She laid back down and started flipping through the
television channels. Nothing was on except some stupid cartoon with Bugs Bunny and
Elmer Fudd. She left it at that and laid there for a little while. Iíll just close my eyes for a
little bit, she thought to herself...Iíve got twenty more minutes to snooze.
A loud slam of the door startled Shelley. It was Clayton, her little brother. What
was he doing home so early? She glanced up at the big grandfather clock mounted on the
wall. 2:34. What had she done? How could she have fallen asleep for so long? She was
totally late for work. She had never been late before. What would she say? How would
she explain to her boss that she was an hour and a half late? She jumped up off the couch,
snatched up her purse and ran out the door. She hopped in her car and sped out of the
driveway and down the road. She went the back way, but this proved to be a big mistake
because she stopped by a train for seventeen minutes.
When she finally did arrive at Washington Memorial, she pulled down her mirror
to make sure she didnít look as hideous as she felt. Her French braid looked more like a
half-ponytail and her eyes were puffy and red. It looked like she had been crying. As she
walked in the hall to the check in desk, she was trying to think of a believable excuse that
would make her boss forgive her. She arrived at the desk. Wilma Jean, the head floor
nurse was seated behind it, but was on the phone at the moment. She held up her finger
signaling Shelley to wait just a second. Shelley could feel her face slowly turning bright
red. She didnít know what to say. How about the truth Shelley? Thatís always good.
Wilma Jean hung up the phone and just stared at Shelley. She had an angry frown on her
face, but she soon let out a big smile and said one word, ďOversleep?Ē Shelley knew
immediately that she wasnít mad. She apologized, which Wilma Jean took to heart and
said it would be okay. She gave Shelley