“She was going to make them pay. Every one of them. She had no idea how. But she knew she was going to get revenge. “Tomorrow,” she thought. “If tomorrow comes”.” In this book the main character has a near perfect life (at least in the beginning). She is going to marry a very wealthy man, has a great job and many other things that make life worth living. Her world enters oblivion when she goes to New Orleans to attend her mothers surprising funeral. In New Orleans, Tracy learns that her mother's death was actually a suicide. When she tries to clear her mother’s name, she ends up going to prison. Tracy receives a full pardon for saving the warden’s daughter setting her free. Although she is free, her life still seems like a cell, no one will hire her because of her record and no one from her past wants anything to do with her. This leads Tracy to a life of deception and theft; however, this new life of crime leads Tracy to a newfound happiness. In Sidney Sheldon’s book If Tomorrow Comes, the character Tracy Whitney endures many hardships and faces a major moral decisions that leads to Tracy’s happiness, showing that tragedy results in something pleasant.
In this story, the character Tracy Whitney goes through a series of changes, which lead to her eternal happiness. Tracy’s character is different from most other characters, because instead of going through one change she goes through two. As the story begins, Tracy is loving and compassionate. She has everything that she needs a rich lover, a great job and happiness. Every thing is great until she goes down to New Orleans to attend her mother’s funeral. Soon after she arrives in New Orleans, her entire world turns in to utter chaos, when someone frames her for a crime that she did not commit. Her attorney tricks her and she ends up going to jail for 15 years. While Tracy is in prison she changes and becomes cold and bitter. Finally, after a couple of years, Tracy will receive a full pardon, for saving the warden’s daughter, and is set free. Shortly after her release from the state prison, she begins a series of escapades each more imaginative then the one before. These series of crimes leads her to meeting Jeff Stevens, a young con-artist like herself, who she at first despises for tricking her. The competition between them eventually leads to sparks of passion arising between them. Throughout the book, Tracy and Jeff grow closer and Tracy begins to love again. After she realizes the compassion that she has for Jeff and that Jeff has for her, the two of them marry resulting in Tracy’s happiness.
Throughout the book, the main character, Tracy Whitney, has to deal with many different conflicts. She has to deal with other characters, her morals, and Mother Nature in order to find happiness. After Tracy’s mother dies, conflict explodes all over the pages of the book. At first Tracy has to deal with the prison, she has to face inmates, guards, and solitary confinement. To overcome her problem with the inmates and the guards, Tracy befriends Ernestine Littlechap, a massive woman who holds the prison in the palm of her hand. However, Ernestine can not help Tracy while she is in solitary confinement, so Tracy has to rely on herself. In order to keep her sanity Tracy exercises both her mind and body through mind-games and yoga. After Tracy’s release from prison, she has to face a major moral issue. After looking for a job with no success, she goes to Conrad Morgan, a man who makes a living stealing from his trusted friends, he offers he 25,000 dollars to steal some jewelry. This is where the conflict begins; faced with the decision on whether or not to give up her innocence, Tracy again tries to find a job but has no success and finally agrees to do so changing her life forever. Tracy’s new life of crime leads her to three more conflicts that are serious. The first is against Jeff Stevens; the two of them are constantly trying to beat each other to the job. This conflict results in the two of