Shaw Shank Redemption

In the movie “Shaw Shank Redemption”, I learned so many things about how the prisoners lives are. How they are treated, what they do during the day, what they ate and how they are looked at as less then human. All the men that were in prison were tried by a court and then thrown into prison if the judge convicted them. The sad thing about all that was, that some of them were innocent and the courts didn’t see that.

Andy Deushan was a banker who was living a very happily married life, until he found out something that would have an impact on the rest of his life. Things to him seemed great at work and at home with his wife. There was nothing really more that he could ask for. When he found out some disturbing things about his wife, this is where the rest of his life would change. Andy found out that his wife had been cheating on him and was having an affair with another man. The man was a golf pro that she had met somewhere and was sleeping with him behind her husbands’ back.

Andy then in rage went out to buy a gun and one night he was outside the guy’s house while Andy’s wife was in with him. The next day came and the two bodies were found dead in each other’s arms with bullet wounds. All of the evidence pointed to Andy and he went on trial. The judge asked him what he had done with the gun that he had bought. Andy said that he had thrown it over the bridge after he had left the house, but he hadn’t been the one that shot them. He told the judge that he just left before he did anything stupid and just threw the gun away. Andy was still found guilty because all of the evidence pointed to him and he had no real alibi. He then went to prison and this is where he would live his life for quite awhile. How a mans life can change with a blink of his eyes.

Andy then went off to prison to start his life sentence and live the life of a convict. He then learned that the life he would have to start to live would be one that he would struggle through just to make it through one day. When he first arrived there he was very quiet and wouldn’t really talk to anyone. There was a group of guys that wanted him to hang with them and when he wouldn’t, the leader took affiance to it and got upset. So they all got Andy in a room one day and cornered him in. They ended up beating him up and they did this to him over a period of time. Andy had to go through so much pain and torment while in prison, but that is the life you have to live while in there.

Andy then met a man named Red and he became a good friend with him. Red was also known to be able to get anything that anyone wanted. Andy had asked him to get him a pick ax and he would use it to carve out little pieces for a chess set made out of rocks. He also asked him to get him a poster of a girl that he liked. Red was able to get him all of these things. In his time, Andy was able to make the chess pieces, redo the whole library over by getting more books to put into it. He did taxes for the guards and for the Warden. Andy was a man of many talents and a lot of people took advantage of that. Everyone wanted Andy to do something for them and he would always try his best to do it. While in the time that he was there, Andy had been working on an escape route to get out of prison and no one knew anything about it. Andy had been using that pick ax to dig away at the wall and made a tunnel to get away. This is when he then used