Senior Project Proposal

December 19, 2003

English IV Pd. 2nd

What is an epidemic? An epidemic is the spread of a certain type of virus, or disease. Throughout history the world has seen many diseases emerge and it has also seen the worst of them. However, since its actual recognition in 1982 the world has just begun to witness the worst type of epidemic in history. Rooted in Africa, a retroviral virus that is believed to have developed from one or more non human primate species surfaced sometime before the 1940ís. This virus is the cause for Aids, it is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus otherwise known as HIV. Many people today, are unaware of how the virus is transmitted or in any case what measures they can take to prevent it. In fact many people could test positive to HIV and not even be aware of being infected with it.

I have chosen for my senior project to research and study the ways of contamination, the methods of prevention, the symptoms, and treatments of the HIV virus. My goal is to inform unaware people, of the worldwide epidemic in hope for a future without HIV and Aids. There are as many myths surrounding the HIV virus as there are facts, one example would be that of the ways of getting infected. Many people who are ignorant to this matter donít really know what is actually true from what is presumed to be true. Indeed, it is very important to get informed not only in ways of preventing infection but of the whole subject of HIV.

This topic is important to me because getting informed as well as informing other people will without a doubt help control the massive epidemic. I think that carelessness on the part of the people, has lead to millions of deaths, due to ignorance of the subject. If people really knew what the precautions and measures that can be taken to prevent HIV, this epidemic would not be as extensive as it is in the world today.

Through my PowerPoint presentation, I will provide actual statistics of the outbreak and epidemiology of the HIV virus from its discovery to the present day. I will also demonstrate ways of infection as well as ways of containment, and clarify the myths from the actual facts on HIV. In addition I will exhibit the importance of knowing the facts about HIV and how quickly someone can become infected because of not being aware of this issue. In hope for a future without HIV and Aids I hope that my presentation can serve a purpose and inform the people, because after all itís only a matter of life and death.