Self reliance in Emmersons view is to look upon the world

and yourself, seeing the resources available to you and working

with them in a fashion which makes you feel you are productive.

Deeper than that it's a understanding of what your personal role

is in the universe, and acceptance of that justifying it only to

ones self.

I don't believe one could be truly self reliant and selfish,

because self reliance means an understanding of the world around

you in order to be independent enough to find confidence with in

yourself to exist self reliantly. I think that one could be very

independent though, and at the same time be selfish. A person of

such mind set would view them self as the center of the universe

and not take into account the events, people, ideas around them.

Self centered Ness is the same evil as selfishness in my humble

opinion. There really isn't a difference in how a person who acts

selfish, and who is self centered functions. Both function as a

deter ant to grokking the environment you live in. People who are

selfish often look at them self as a ship moving around in an

ocean of expendable resources. I think that someone who is self

reliant knows how to use the resources, but also understands and

possibly respects them making for a more harmonious existence.

This is all highly objective in nature, and considering it's

three am I could very well think differently about this entire

issue when I actually go to bed and wake up. Philosophy is a

really moody thing. It can be interpreted a hundred different

ways depending on what events or place is shaping the mind.