Segragation has existed in the United States of America (U.S.) from its beginnings.

Gorge Washington a crop owner and first President of the U.S. had many slaves to work

on his plantation. In later years slavery was abolished from the northern states. Slavery

was a main factor in the Civil War. During that war Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation

proclamation declared slaves free in the still rebellious Confederate states, which led to the

Thirteenth Amendment (the abolition of slavery). Later the fourteenth and fifteenth

amendment were passed to ensure that African-Americans rites were being preserved.

After all of this was done racism and segregation were still extreme. The U.S. Supreme

Court supported this in the trial of Plessy versus Ferguson.

The case of Plessy versus Ferguson was a decision in the series of Supreme Court

cases dealing with Jim Crow laws, the laws dealing with racial segregation, and whether or

not the idea of separate but equal was constitutional. Justice Brown, in his decision

explained to the court that Plessies arguments about the Louisiana law forcing blacks and

whites to ride in separate cars on trains was unconstitutional was wrong. The court

believed that the law was not in conflict with the thirteenth amendment because forcing

blacks to ride on separate trains was not slavery, what the thirteenth banned. Slavery was

involuntary servitude, and the Louisiana law was forcing no involuntary servitude. The

fourteenth amendment says all people naturalized to the :United States, or people born

here are all considered citizens. Plessy claimed that he was being deprived of citizenship,

because property was considered part of citizenship. Later in the Supreme Court case

Brown versus The Bored of education ruled that separate was not equal, which outlawed

segregation. After this segregation still persist in our nation, in our state, even in our city.

Racism and the residue of segregation still exist in our city. The fifth Riverside

Unified School District high school, Martin Luther King Jr. High School, named after the

slain civil rites leader was the cause of protest. Many people disputed the name of the

school because, "people will think is a primarily black school."

Though this nation is attempting to end segregation as long as we have bigots in

it segregation will never completely end. By ever tolerating the loss of another mans rites

we are encouraging it.