Secondly ,Moby dick 1851 was recognized as the American novel written by Herman Melville. At the age of 21, he went to whaling in pacific for 4 years,of course Mody dick was about whaling too. Some part of the book made us the feeling of biology instead of novel which was a new style called sui generis. This novel wasn't popular at first but it became popular in modern period in1920 because the quality of modernist of experiment matched his theme. Moreover the story was hard to read because of the mixture of everything and verboness or the use of many words. According to Melville, Moby dick was a book full of "blackness ten time black" and at the beginning of the book he wrote "all gentle people were warned away from this book". The story began from Ishmael "call me Ishmael" this statement suggest an outcast and separate from the society according to the bible Ishmael was the oldest son but when Issac was b orn, Ishmael sent out away . So from the first sentence from the book we not really sure whether or not his name was Ishmael, this is the first time in American literature that the author was unreliable.
This story was about mystery giant Moby dick, Ahab captain of the ship, Pequod, pursue this whale and want to kill it. Well this story expressed against puritan ideas, democracy and accepting other people. Melville was attacking conventional religious and social philosophy though which were puritanism and materialism that combined the elements of American culture were beginning to rot and fall. Because in Mobyy dick Melville was searching for a new belief system on which a truly stable could be buit . This became a metaphor for society searching for democracy and belief system. Ahab was searching for moby dick paralle to what Melville questing for democracy . But Ahab was unsuccessful to kill it like Melville was unsuccessful in finding idea he was searching for, he didn't claim to know how to built a real democracy but it was the quest that counts. In the beginning of the story Ishmael was looking at the picture but couldn't decide what was it . Picture represented the human experience of life and human puzzled over it, like Ishmael said ‘but most puzzled and confounded you was a long limber, portentous ,black mass of something hovering in the centre of the picture' this suggest us that we don't know what is this picture but we know there is something. So human had different of interpretation and more freely to interpret life as they were. H owev e r this against the puritan idea as well because puritan always sure what they think but Melville suggests that we cant be sure with our life.
Next thing Melville wants us to accept other people. When Ishmael needed to share a bed with a cannibal queequeg , he made bad prejudice before he met him. But then after he met him, he was realized that queequeg wasn't that bad as he said' better to share a bed with a cannibal than a drunken christ ian ' ' this quote was showed the decline of convention of puritan ideas that people who had no religious were people we shouldn't mix with. Also the crew also consisted of many racial. But this story encourage us to be more open mind to be friend with people different culture which in contrast with puritans who never learn to accept that what's not right. Moreover Melville pretended the situation about the ship that there were many people from different nationality for example Ahab, Asian so that it was reflected American multi-cultural. Another thing is that ahab was a captian and he was dictator similar to puritan heritage in American society, should do this , should do that . So the alarm of democracy alert here as well. One last thing moby dick can represent to the nature or it can be god because ahab fail to kill it and it was very mysterious. We can compare to god, very mysterious and powerful like moby dick and people pursue god as well. So we are undefined or understand