Searching the Internet
Everyone talks about how the internet is such a fantastic tool for finding information these days.
Even people who hardly use the internet or have never used the internet at all still seemed to be fascinated
by the creation of the web, a worldwide link of computer servers that connect as one gigantic unit in order
to serve our needs at home, school, or the office. Thus, the internet earns the name " The Information
Super-Highway," a large chain of links or routes reaching a certain destination at incredible speed. The
internet has been such an outstanding topic that people cannot quite get over the fact that we can find any
type of information at anytime, anywhere in the world just by using the internet.
However I find it hard to believe that I can find the exact type of information needed on the
Internet. Finding information can be chaotic sometimes. There are times when you can be looking for
information on dinosaurs and instead the search brings up twenty different sites to Jurassic Park sounds,
screensavers, and pictures. Many people would not know what to do in this situation but after spending
countless hours on the Internet for school research, a student like myself knows the remedy.
First, I would like to recommend avoiding slow web browsers like Webcrawler, or Netsearch.
Web browsers are search engines on the Internet. A search engine is an index to all the Internet sites around
the world. Similar to an index of a book, you search for keywords that will lead you to the information you
need. When you type a keyword to find information on a web browser, it will automatically process all the
data on the Internet and bring up results that are relevant to the keyword you typed. I personally feel that
the best web browser is AltaVista (Http:// Alta Vista is the fastest Internet
search engine available. It provides information that can lead straight to the point if used properly. I also
recommend AltaVista because once you learn the nuances in searching for information, everything comes
In order to connect to Alta Vista, you have to place the address near the top of the screen. There is
a bracket that is identified with the word "Address" next to it. Type the words in the address bracket and you should connect to Alta Vista in no time.
After connecting to AltaVista, you should have a little bracket in which you type keywords of the
information you would like to find, and then hit search. If I were to look up tyrannosaurus rex then I would
not just simply type "dinosaur". You have to realize that the web has hundreds of thousand types of
information on that one word "dinosaur". This is because the information travels from the point in which
you transfer the information to every other Internet server in just about every country in the world. Getting
direct information involves extra keywords that need to be typed in order to break the search down. If I
wanted to find information on a tyrannosaurus rex and I am annoyed that Jurassic Park constantly comes up
on the results then I can simply type " dinosaurs + tyrannosaurus rex -Jurassic Park ". "Dinosaurs" is the
main keyword, so I place that first. I add information on the tyrannosaurus rex part by placing an addition
sign before the word. This will only inc!
lude tyrannosaurus to the search. In order to avoid seeing the words "Jurassic Park" interfere with the
search, I can put a subtraction sign before the word Jurassic Park to exclude every Internet site including
the word Jurassic Park.
Hence searching on the Internet will not be as difficult as it once was. By slowly eliminating
words that are not necessary and adding words to narrow your search, you can get straight to the
information you have been looking for.