Truth can be aptly defined as the perception by our senses that, what we believe is correct and justful. Truth and faith are the driving force that keeps humanity intact and propels us through the testing times to come out with our heads held high. According to Gandhiji it is the sovereign principle which gives rise to numerous other principles. Truth not only implies truthfulness of word but also it should reflect in deeds, actions and thoughts. It is the path of approach to the Ultimate One – God. It is not the Relative Truth that we conceive but the Absolute Truth that will lead us to God. Truth is God and God is Truth. God cannot be defined because His manifestations are innumerable. He is nowhere but he is everywhere. In spite of this He is worshipped not for the Absolute Truth but the Relative Truth as conceived by many. This Relative Truth then becomes the beacon, shield and buckler of a just person. The path towards the attainment of this truth is full of Himalayan obstructions but for a righteous person it becomes easier. Truth enlightens a person and saves him from grief.

With the passage of time, peoples’ attitude and behaviour has undergone a drastic change. They have streamlined themselves along the course of the system which is prevalent in this world and which demands a professional and unemotional approach to life for a better survival. Moral values has touched rock bottom. Crime and bigotry are rampant these days. Ample evidence can be obtained from newspapers who never hesitate to publish sensational murder cases or extortions rather than topics on moral values. The cruelty of the fact is that, everybody blames the system for the present state of affairs but nobody is willing to accept the responsibility for the same though, they themselves are instrumental in creating the system. The present system is based on fallaciousness, corruption and self-centered interests. Hence to root out these evils a system pillared on truth and belief must be the call of the day.

In order to pluck a rose you have to endure the pain of the prickly thorns. Similarly search for truth puts you to test the vicissitudes of life, since truth is always bitter. The biggest hurdle comes from the individual itself. Lets consider a small instance of common occurrence. Sahil an average student copied in every paper of the pre-terminal exam. He got good marks and topped the class. On being asked by his father the secret behind the results, he was in a bit of dilemma. If he told the truth then he would lose his father’s trust. On the other hand a false statement would give fake ecstasy to his father, which would be of no value. Under such circumstances what would a normal person do? To achieve accolades he would readily opt for the second option – telling a lie, without following his conscience.

In a multi-cultural and multi-ethnical country like India spiritualism is in everybody’s veins. Ours is the land of a million Gods & Goddess. Being highly emotional, superstitious and God fearing, religious customs and rituals are followed blindly by the people. Some are really absurd like sacrificing a bull to satisfy Maa Kali; or walking with bare legs on smoldering coal; or cutting off a finger as sacrifice. Our cultural ethos runs mighty deep and these rituals are the products of fanaticism of the people. In bygone days majority of the populace were illiterate and so they were easily brain washed by the Sadhus and priests to perform one bogus ritual after another to appease the Gods. Even to this day some religious customs are only seen as jackpots where a common man can obtain a fortune if he possesses an assertive voice and knowledge of some vedas or mantras. Spiritualism has become totally commercialized. A visit to any major temple will prove this point. ‘Sewaks’ of the Lord will be in plenty in the temple premises waiting for a ‘bakra’. Right from the entrance of the temple till the ‘Aarti’ they will charge a hefty sum in various unimaginable ways. Ultimately you will come out as a dissatisfied lot. The true essence of spiritualism – which takes