Growing up, most every child in America will go to school at some point in their life. In today’s age, the majority of those kids will want to end up in some form of higher education. Why is this? Most careers demand it. Its tough to get a good with out a GED or high school diploma much less a collage degree. People want to end up in collage whether it is a community collage, or IV league. People already in successful jobs with a collage go back to school so they can catch back up with their field. This is why education is not “something owed.” As much as fourteen-year-old kid hates waking up and going to school, he knows in he back of his mind that passing high school is a necessity. Anyone who truly feels that they are serving time when they go to school should leave as soon as they can. To be successful you have to want to be there. This is why the majority of people that go to collage are successful in their classes; no one is forcing them to be there. Its these kind of people that run our country.

Unfortunately not everyone gets the same chances. Many people grow up where the school system is bad. In places like this, it’s not an uncommon occurrence for there to be students in the class that don’t speak any English at all. Even if these kids work super hard they wont have the same opportunities than kids who grow up in nicer areas such as the middleclass suburbs. Fortunately, this is the category that I fit into. I grew up going to schools in Littleton where everyone takes a child’s education very seriously. Almost every teacher I had from kindergarten to my senior year in high school were good, and the complaints I did have about some of them was nothing compared to what some kids have to deal with. Because of this my opportunities were much greater just because of the school I went to. This is where are educational system is in trouble.

To get into collage, you need to summit a lot of information. They usually want to know class rank, GPA, SAT scores, ACT scores, and extra curricular activities. Lets examine these a little closer. First are GPA and class rank. Many high schools (including my own) feel that this is an unfair way to judge a students academics. At a good school, many kids do well. For example, at my school many kids had GPAs higher than a 4.0 and there were very few kids with GPAs less than a 2.5. Your class rank would be the lower half of the class if you graduated with a 3.5. To boot it off, my school was academically very tough so getting that high GPA is not easy. Many schools will look at the low class rank and assume that the student slacked off. Meanwhile in an easy school where a student may be taking no college prep classes and has a 4.0, a student would have an easier time getting into school than a kid with a 3.5 at a much tougher school with a much tougher workload. To me, this doesn’t equal out fairly.

Next we examine test scores. In studies across the country its been proven that the SAT generally shows nothing. It does not show how well you did in high school, and it does not show how well you are going to do in collage. It doesn’t prove intelligence. SAT needs to out and the ACT needs to get bigger. The ACT shows how well you learned in high school and has more problem solving, which is an essential tool in college.

I feel lucky to have had some of the best teachers in the world. It’s amazing the influence teachers give to you, weather you want it or not. Hopefully the influence you get is the good kind. The best example I can think of was my senior year English teacher. He was a relatively new teacher and was real young and almost acted like “one of the guys.” He turned what was once boring books and poetry into a good