Teenagers spead way to much money on clothes that just make them get into trouble. They spend easily $70 to $80 on one pair of JNCO jeans which make them look stupid. The clothes they buy are Nike, Fubu, Tommy, and Lucky ect… This changes their attitude about school and maybe even at home. They talk back and don’t do their homework at school or chores at home.
Parents are not quite as smart as could be either because they are stupid enough to buy them all the crap that gets them nothing but trouble. They could save so much money even they would just buy them the uniforms. It would make them all look equal, so now they can go and gave fun and not make anybody have any reason to fight over stupid stuff like clothing. Clothes don’t always have to be $200, when you can get the uniforms in K-Mart or J. C. Penny’s for $35 to $40 for one or even two kids. A bus driver in Huntsville, Alabama sees a lot of kids in really nice and expensive clothes and always making fun of other kids that are wearing regular clothes and having nothing but fun.
When kids wear clothes that are hanging off their body they are most likely to be the trouble makers. They are always trying to get into fights thinking they’re so tuff. They are also stealiong other kids clothes and supplies. These kinds of kids are easy to spot because they are wearing Nike, Fubu, Tommy, or Dickies. If kids wore uniforms they would probably get that attitude they have changed really quick. Because their would be nobody to make fun of any more, because everyone is wearing the same thing.

Kids don’t get the grades that they really could be getting. They’re to busy worring about the fashion show they have to put on for all the other kids. They’re not getting their homework done, and their not paying attention in class to get the homework. The kids that want to get a good education are being held back from the kids that don’t care about their lives, as long as they are the most popular kids in school. Maybe if the kids had to wear uniforms they wouldn’t worry about the clothes they are wearing. They might pay attention to their teachers and stay awake. Survey’s have shown that 36% of kids in school uniforms have increased their grades.
If the schools were smart they would all be smart to try out the uniforms. I might be in high school but if it will make everybody a better person then I would were the uniforms just to make me a better person and citizen. Kids would be making better grades and having more fun and get in less trouble. The parents would also be much happier because they wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on school clothes every year.

Robby Harrell

Ponca City Senior High

April 7, 1999