Schindler’s List
The movie Schindler’s List has affected me in many ways, it made me realize how the Jewish people were treated and all the pain and suffering they went through. Most of the sufferings took place in World War 2. Many German soldiers were cruel, obnoxious and selfish. Oskar Schindler will never be forgotten for his mark of bravery and saving so many Jewish people.

The movie Schindler’s List is based on a man named Oskar Schindler. He owns a factory called “Deutsche Emailware Fabrik” Some of Schindler’s workers were taken away from him, and sent to German prisoner camps. Many others were just taken out and shot. Schindler, very upset about this, decides to negotiate with the German officers for killing his lost workers. He believes it should be compensation. Itzhak Stern, the accountant, gets sent out on a train because he did not have his work papers, but Schindler finds him in time.

During 1943, the Krakow ghetto Massacre took place. This was the time when they took Jews from the Ghetto and shot them at random. Some families hid their possessions in bread, and ate the bread so they could retrieve their diamonds and gems later. Many Jewish people were treated like cattle, all Jewish people were. They were rounded up, and thrown around.

While this was happening, Schindler was willing to do almost anything to get “HIS” Jews back. Soon Oskar’s factory was run entirely by German Soldiers. Many Jewish people were shot at random for no reason. Many workers were killed or brutally beaten for very small reasons; these may have been smoking on the job, or slacking off. Amon Goeth, the Commandant, was in charge of the factory. Amon takes a man out of the factory, he believes he is a poor worker, when he takes him out to shoot him, his gun will not fire, so he beats him.

During the movie, a young girl comes to Oskar and asks him if he will employ her parents in the factory because she had heard the Germans were killing all the elderly people. He bribes some man and gets the parents into the factory.

While Schindler celebrates his birthday, two Jewish girls bring him a birthday cake. When he kissed the two girls, German officers were astonished. While this was happening… Amon was beating his maid because he feels that it is her fault for him being attracted to her. By now, Schindler had begun to care for Jewish people.

Many of the Jews were forced to go through medical exams. Whoever was healthy was granted to stay, and those who were unhealthy were sent to gas chambers. Women pricked their fingers with needles and rubbed the blood on their faces to give their skin a less pale look. Their clothes were removed and they were inspected one by one. Men and women were forced to run around camp naked.

While men and women were being inspected, Officers were putting the children on trains and trucks. Some children realized what was happening so they hid anywhere possible, outhouses, floorboards and cupboards.

Unhealthy workers were boarded on trains. Schindler gets the idea to hose down the cars to relieve the workers from the heat. Amon believes Schindler is being “cruel”. Schindler want to give the Jews hope.

Outside of the factory, human ashes were falling, appearing like snow. The reason for this is because the commandant was ordered to burn the Jews because the Germans were losing the war and it was the only way to destroy evidence. Jewish people were forced to dig up and burn they’re own people. Over 10,000 people were burned.

Back at the Factory, Stern and Schindler made up a list of people that could be pulled out of the camps and sent back to work in Schindler’s factory. Schindler decides to negotiate with Amon about getting “his” Jewish people back. He buys his people back, spending all of his money. The people are boarded on trains and the trains are divided with all men on one, and all women on the other. The men make it to the factory safely, but the other train with women are sent to Auschwitz.

Schindler is upset about this mishap so he