Scene 1: Antoine tells Jamal about his dream. Antoine tells Jamal that Nita is dead. Jamal goes to a drug dealer to get coke so he could kill himself by overdose.

(Enters Antoine)
Jamal: Hey wasup Antoine.

Antoine: Jamal I gotta tell you something. I had a dream about Nita last night.

Jamal: (furiously) why you dreaminí bout my girl!?

Antoine: No, it ainít even like that.

Jamal: (Furiously) Then What!

Antoine: Yeah. I dreamed she was dead.

Jamal: Dead! What you mean dead?

Antoine: I mean she dead.

Jamal: (in denial) ainít no way. I was with her two days ago. No man, you gotta be lying.

Antoine: I saw her uncontious with my own two eyes. She ainít alive no more. You can see for yourself.

Jamal: See. I knew it was coming. It's time for me to go see Smokey.

Antoine: No young, donít do that. You gonna mess yourself up.

Jamal: If nita die, I die too.
(Jamal runs away)

Scene 2: Jamal goes to see Smokey and gets somkey cocaine for a fast and easy way out.

(Enters Smokey)
Smokey: Wasup homey.

Jamal: Yeah, wasup. Let me get some coke.

Smokey: Nah, you still owe me from last time! And what you need it for?

Jamal: Itís a life or death situation. If I die, I die high.

Scene 3: Jamal goes through a dark ally to get inside the free clinic from a back entrance. He runs into Eric and Anthony (page) whoís smoking Cubans. Jamal and Eric get engage into a fight.

(Enters Eric and Anthony)
Eric: What you doing back around this way.

Jamal: Iím trying to see my girl!

Eric: I know you ainít talking bout Nita cause that ainít your girl!

Jamal: What you talking about, thatís my girl!

Eric: What would she want with a punk like you when she has a man like me!

Jamal: You canít beat this.

Eric Letís see what you got.

(Jamal and Eric engage into a one-on-one fight and kills Eric. Jamal kills Eric by bashing his head into a nearby Dumpster.)

Scene 4: Nita is in bed with an oxygen tank assisting her in breathing. Jamal climbs into the window from the fire escape and sees what has happened to his Nita.

(Nitaís room in the clinic)
Jamal: If I had known this bull would happen, young, I would have come back for you sooner. If you canít hear me then itís whatever but at least try to hear me out. I want to be with you forever, so where you go, I go. I love you Nita.

(Jamal sniffs all of the coke and slowly dies from an overdose. Nita wakes up)

Nita: (shocked and shaking Jamalís lifeless body) No, I am right here! Wake up, Itís not over! Wake up, I am right here (Nita begins to cry)! Like you said, whereever you go, I go too.

(Nita pulls the plug of her oxygen tank so she canít breath. A doctor from outside the room realizes there is something wrong and rushes in with electric shockers but itís too late. The doctor calls Jamal and Nitaís parents and tells them to come. Miller comes drunk.)

Smith: Look, this rivalry has gone too far. I lost my daughter. You lost your son. We need to squash this thing right now. Bull has gone too far.

Miller: No, No itís still going. The way you disrespected us. (Miller pulls a gun out) I have the nerve to shoot you now!

Ms. Miller: You need to forget that son. Heís dead. He disobeyed us anyway. Getting our people killed. Too many people have died over this stupid war that we fake to have. I agree with Smith.

Miller: What you say!

Ms. Miller: You heard what I said (all the commotion and lack of air cause Ms. Miller to faint and die).

Smith: See what this brought you, your own wife is dead.

Miller: Yeah I see we do need to unite.

Smith: You got that right.

Miller: Truce.

The End