Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne has just come out of prison with her baby, Pearl. She was put in prison for having an affair with a man other than her husband. There is a rose bush next to the prison door which visualizes sympathy. The women in town thought she should be put to death for she was holding her head high regardless of the charges against her. The women were also jealous of her beauty and ability to retain her morality. Her punishment was to stand on the scaffold in front of town and wear a scarlet letter on her breast for the rest of her life. Then her real husband, Chillingworth, shows up out of the crowd, she sees him and pushes Pearl into her breast more forcing her to cry in pain. Hester and Pearl are back in prison. The heads sent a doctor, Chillingworth, to help, they end up staring at each other and making a promise not to tell who he is. After Hester is released from prison she moves to the outskirts of town where she lives the rest of her life in seclusion making needlework. Everyone around town would continuously talk about Hester and her shame that she should be induring. She is called Pearl because her life cost Hester so much, like a pearl. Her appearance is described as beautiful with nice skin and dark hair, she was also dressed very nicely by her mother, even though Hester always wore the simplest clothes. Pearl was a very rowdy child always doing something to disrupt the public in some sort or another. Hester goes to the Governorís house to deliver some gloves she had made for him. Pearl sees a rose at the Governorís house and immediately demands it. Chillingworth, Wilson, and Dimmesdale all enter with the Governor. It has been three years since Hester has seen Chillingworth and he is more ghastly then before. Later Chillingworth is compared to a leech. Chillingworth tries to get a confession out of Dimmesdale about his adultery with Hester. Chillingworthís plan intensifies; he reminds people of the Black Man (Satan). Dimmesdale mounts the scaffold and begins the vigil and suddenly screams. Hester and Pearl join him on the scaffold. People are starting to respect Hester for all she has done and admire her silence.
Chillingworth says that he asked the governor if she could remove the "A" but she believes if it were meant to come off it would fall off. Hester soon realizes how much she hates Chillingworth. Pearl then creates the letter "A" out of some seaweed unknowingly what the "A" on her motherís breast means. The conversation includes how the letter "A" is better than some punishments, at least her sin is out in the open instead of concealed and burning on the inside. Hester plans to leave the country on a boat but in the scheme of things a new passenger is planning to join them, Chillingworth. A considerable changed could be seen about Dimmsedale, he was lively once again. Then tragically, he died and not long thereafter, so did Chillingworth. So it is a love story. A sort of Romeo and Juliet, undying love.