Say No to Smoking

Teacher: Now kids what do you do when offered a cigarette?

Kid: I know Mrs. Peterson I know

Teacher: what do you say little bobby?

Kid: I tell them Iím too cool for that then I give them the cold shoulder

Our elementary school district spends huge amounts of money on programs like dare that teach us at a young age the negative effects of tobacco and other drugs, just so our high school district can turn around and say ah go ahead and smoke if your of age and to sweeten the pot we\'ll build a special smoking section for you.

Good morning school board members, what I said previously was not to anger you but to wake you up to the dangerous decision you have thought about making.

Should There Be A Smoking Section At West Leyden High School?

A clear and definite no is seen along with the reasons that it is bad for your health, will cause our school fiscal as well as physiological problems, and that even if the section was placed we would be breaking the law.

As I walk around West Leyden I notice a lot of our teachers are pregnant.

Did you know that an estimated 6.4 million children will die prematurely from a smoking related disease? And thatís just a statistic about the babies who die from being around smokers, the statistic for premature children who die from actually having mothers that smoke is much higher! Smoking is bad for your health.

The American lung association reports that approximately 38% of high school teens smoke even though school regulations prohibit them from smoking. And they also says that over 75% of these smokers will develop some type of condition that wouldnít have been developed it that person weren\'t a smoker.

In august 1996 the food and drug administration made regulations that prohibited tobacco companies from targeting teens because "it causes massive deterioration due to the fact that the average high school student is still developing and may have problems occur because of nicotine and tar poisoning"

What it means is that we are at an age where we are still growing and something like tobacco causes health problems faster for our age group then a full grown adult

While on the topic of problems, what\'s up with Nelly? does he cut himself shaving every single day? His band-aid seems to be in a different place every single time we see him, but it\'s ok because Nelly has millions of dollars to buy as many band-aids as he pleases.

We unlike Nelly don\'t have millions of dollars, in fact our referendum just passed which allows us to keep everything we have not add on costs

If the school smoking section was passed and a section was placed

Who would enforce it?

It canít be students because they are underage themselves

It canít be teachers because they teach

It would have to be security, and that extra security is money

money that we don\'t have to spend on extra security when we could be spending that money on better things, such as training equipment for our varsity football team, as you know they lost all their games this season even though no starter was out on academic suspension.

Cash is king in the game of life and to waste cash on a new section with new security that we don\'t need would make us look like less of a king, Thatís how smoking would affect us fiscally.

How does the smoking section affect us mentally though?

32 words peer pressure

A survey taken by the FDA shows that 79% of teens who are smokers were pressured into smoking by peers or friends

Itís bad enough 38% of our high school students are probably smoking on school grounds even though regulations prohibit them from smoking. The question is what percentage will be smokers if we do add a smoking area? The constant "do you have a square?" and "come hit a smoke with us." will lead more students then we already have to the dark side of smoking.

To even think about adding a smoking section is risky because in doing so you are going against state law and state school polices.

According to a law by the Illinois congress, school boards shall expel or suspend any student who is trafficking, furnishing, or posseing any type