Saving Private Ryan

Evaluation Essay

A very exciting non-stop action thriller movie of last year would be “Saving Private Ryan”. This movie contains an excellent plot, very realistic detail and spectacular special effects. All the blood and gore in the movie enhance its realism and depiction of World War II.
Because the story of this movie took place during the last moments of the war, the fighting was very intense. The blood and gore seen during this movie never gets cheesy and always leaves the viewer feeling as if he/she was actually part of the action. “Saving Private Ryan” contains one of the most graphic and violent scenes of movie history during the beginning, the beach assault on Normandy. This real life event, which was one of the biggest operations of World War II, was brought to life by the very talented director Steven Spielberg.
“Saving Private Ryan” made by Dreamworks and directed by Steven Spielberg featured the most advanced special effects and technology to enhance the realism of the movie. With new and fast computers of today, Dreamworks was able to bring to life the speeding bullets and explosions in the movie which greatly enhanced its realism.
In “Saving Private Ryan” a group of soldiers after entering France through the Normandy invasion is sent to find a soldier named Private James Ryan who was dropped off in the middle of France by airplane. Private Ryan’s 3 brothers have all been killed and he is the only person left in his family. The army feels sorry for his family so they send a group of soldiers to retrieve him and send him home. Between the invasion and the finding of Private Ryan, the group encounters action and tragedy and some horrors of war.
The bottom line, “Saving Private Ryan” is one of the best war movies ever made with the most realistic plot and special effects. This movie is definitely for war movie fans and for people who like violence.