Satanís soda

People drink with friends, and of course it can be fun. There is nothing wrong with having a beer, or a glass of wine. Most problems occur with those who drink until they are so inebriated that they forget their name.

One day I was driving home after visiting my grandparents, and I saw a man on the road, he was all over the place swinging from one end of the road to another. Obviously he was really paralytic. Next thing you know he was heading for a creek, the only way to cross it was to walk across a fallen tree trunk. So the guy feeling all tough and not having any thought about what he was doing Ė he goes for it. How can a man that canít even walk straight cross this kind of obstacle. He couldnít and went slipping off the trunk into the water. Fortunately, it was not high and the water was shallow, so he was all right. Otherwise he would have definitely drowned or smashed his head on the bottom and got knocked out.

Car crashes, fights and many other accidents happen to drunken people. If they are lucky like the person described earlier, it would hopefully only lead to temporary damage but at worst it would be death.

Thatís not the only thing that could happen to a heavy drinker. Many other health problems occur. This means been under the influence of alcohol doesnít lead to too much good and when overused can lead to evil consequences to your body.

Some of the Health problems that alcohol causes are:

o Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Ė Heavy drinking for pregnant women result in mentally and physically damaged babies.
o Cirrhosis Ė Alcohol causes progressive replacement of healthy liver tissue with scars, which can lead to liver failure and death
o Autopsy and cat scans show that alcoholics have smaller, less massive, and more shrunken brains.
Thatís not all there are many problems to list it would take the whole day

Now itís up to you to decide whether alcohol can be evil, or it is just another way to stay amused and entertained.