Sample Fund-Raising Letter


City, State Zip

Dear Contact:

Engaging students in math, science, and technology is one of the most important factors in creating tomorrow\'s workforce.

Design and Discovery is a program that addresses this issue. Through hands-on activities, mentoring, presentations, and behind-the-scenes field trips, students discover the world of design and engineering. The participants are then challenged to identify a problem or opportunity and design a solution. Students present their designs to their peers and community in a design and engineering fair.

Design and Discovery will be offered to (number of) students from (school, club, organization) as an (after-school activity in the spring, summer camp, etc.). Participants are typically students in grades 7-9 that have expressed an interest in the program.

(background paragraph on presenting organization)

We would like to request (Company\'s) assistance in providing this opportunity to the students of (school, club, organization, area). Your sponsorship of (amount) would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Sally Someone at 503-555-5555. Send email inquiries to [email protected]


Sally Someone
Design and Discovery Coordinator
Non-profit Youth Organization