Ryan Sahle
Mrs. Janet Swierbut
ENG 108
September 27 , 2017
" The M anagement of G rief ", by B harati Mukherjee shows narrator Shaila 's journey through her feelings of denial due to the tragic death of her family. People in the story cope in different ways.
First off S haila the main character, an Indian in Canada was stoic and didn't want to show her emotion about her loss . Other people might think that she's not suffering badly because she doesn't show it but inside she is . Her neighbor Kusum who was also Indian and lost nearly her whole family, doesn't to speak to anyone, and tells her last daughter Pam that she would kill herself if she wasn't looking after her . Pam reacts angrily towards this because she is the Americanized daughter and her y ounger daughter was the "goody-goody one according to P am" (pg 434) and Kusum would rather had Pam die then her good true Indian daughter .
A social worker named Judith visited Shalia to help her consult with her family . Judith doesn't fully understand all the cultural problems of the characters due to her white Canadian background. Judith finds it weird that S haila doesn't consider herself a model of grief . Lastly, Dr. Rangnatham who traveled with S halia and Kusum , lost his whole family and he copes by hoping that there are survivors . H e hopes someone was a strong enough swimmer to swim to land .
E veryone has their own u n ique way to cope with loss. " The M anagement of Grief" shows how each indiv idual copes with their own loss and how their cultural background can influence and play a role in how they cope.