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Ryan Sahle
Mr Nolan
ENG 108
October 2 , 2017

Reviewing and evaluating websites is a crucial skill in research and for writing papers because no t every source is reliable. I t may take a little bit of time but it will guarantee that the sou rce you use will be a valid one.
T he website that I will be reviewing today is History Matters " the U S history survey course on the web". ( ) this is a site which some teachers use so it's important to see if it's a good site. The layout of the site is not exactly modern but it's simple and easy to use even though the website is a bit small i n scale.
It offer s good in depth search options so you can do a simple text search or if you don't know exactly what you're looking for you could try the advanced search option . W hich you can search by multiple topics , different types of primary sources and by different features of the website . W hich is impressive because this helps exactly pinpoint the documents that could be u seful to find your paper quickly.
T his website primarily devoted to US history sources the website was made by the Center for History and New Media and the American Social History P roject . This website is nice for a fresh beginning point for researching American history especially from the firsthand p erspective , with over 1000 first-person documents with text , images and even audio options . W hich helps paint the whole perspective of the past . From topics like anti-German violence in Wisconsin in World War I that ended up in a murder of an German American citizen to 17 th -century struggles of the Wampanoag Native Americans over land and unequal justice . Many of topics seemed interesting and a lot I haven't known.
This website might provide you some interesting first-person perspectives that you might not have seen before even if you're a teacher. If that's not enough for you history matters also has the annotated guide to over 1000 -quality history websites that are annotated which include material from universities and libraries from different parts of the world and online archives of first-hand sources that include letters diaries and films etc.
Y ou can look at archived discussion forms which allows you to get other students and historians perspectives on topics and you can compare your work to other students work in their students as historians tab . There are good resources for teachers to look at for baselines for ideas for their lesson plans . The website has some teaching assignments which could be a guideline for teachers also they have a section for annotated syllabi called syllabus central which can be helpful for new teachers who haven't written syllabuses before and finally for new teachers there's a section called secrets of the great history teachers which contain first-hand ideas and philosophies of distinguished history teachers.
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One final resource which may prove important for students is the reference center which contains vital info like academic standards copyright and fair use and also have tips for evaluating websites.
In the end I think History Matters is a good website overall for teachers and students alike because it offers fresh first-person perspectives and a preferable amounts of options but it's simple and not overly complicated this website might not have the modern look to it but it's a nice source of overall information I do recommend this site as a reliable source of first-person perspectives.