Ryan Sahle
Mrs. Janet Swierbut
ENG 108
September 23 , 2017
A V ery O ld Man with Enormous Wings t heme

One recurring theme in the short story , "A Very Old M an w ith Enormous W ings " by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the hu man reaction toward the supernatural and unusual thing in this story . The thing referred to in this short story is the old man with wings who was found washed up on the shore .
A lot of the people in the story t reat the old man as a weird occurrence rather than a supernatural thing l ike an angel . H e just appears like a frail human with wings and many people debated if he was an angel . F ather Gonzaga thought he couldn't be an angel because he lacks dignity and splendor like the a ngels mentioned in the Bi ble . But does the old man have little dignity because he doesn't possess it or just because the ways he is being treated by being locked up in a chicken coop like an animal . P erhaps the people lack dignity themselves by treating the old man so poorly .
A nother supernatural like characteristic for the old man is his extreme patience in the face of his terrible treatment . Even though he was branded with a hot iron and had rocks thrown at him , he shows little reaction as " his reaction had been one not out of rage but of pain ". (pg 407) H e makes little impression on many of the people who bother him until their bored of him. Many people took him for granted and some thought he might die . B ut in the end , he was strong enough to fly away, s howing his patience to recover and fly again despite people thinking that he was going to die.