Ryan Sahle
Mrs. Janet Swierbut
ENG 108
September 4, 2017

Cask of A montillado third person Essay
He began to lay the first tier of the bricks but Fortunato had mostly recovered from the intoxication . Y ou could hear a low moaning cry from the depth below it wasn't the cry of a drunken person , after the cries there was a long period of silence . He continued to lay the second , to third , and fourth layers of bricks.
Then suddenly you can hear movements of the chain s. T he noise lasted for minutes which he stopped laying the bricks until the sound stopped . Then he finished the fifth, the sixth , and the seventh tier of brick. The bricks were now chest level . H e stopped to gaze on the few rays of light within the structure , then a series of loud and dire screams bursting suddenly from the structure within , which thrusted him surprisingly back for a moment . H e was startled unsheathing his rapier but he reassured himself that his work was almost done .
H e put his hand onto the brick structure feeling satisfied . He reproached the walls screaming back to the screams inside the structure with enjoyment re-echoing and surpassing the volume of the screams coming within the structure . T ime had passed it was almost midnight his job was almost done now finishing the eighth, the ninth, and the tenth tier of bricks . T here was only one more tier to do . I t was almost finished there was only one more brick to completely sealed it off He finally placed the last brick finishing the wall .

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